Pakistan Female Ratio in the Workforce

In Pakistan the female ratio in the workforce is 21%. There needs to be a massive push for higher female literacy, lower fertility rate, & higher women workforce participation rate. This is a key to a sustainable and much needed growth/success for Pakistani economy and its people.

Where do these numbers come from? Sitting in a conference room with 60% female doctors, a doctor said 60% females doctors don’t work and my question is bhai look around and where do these numbers come from? That room alone doesn’t define all of Pakistan so he was absolutely right as Pakistani women are surely beyond the 60% docs in that room. Now compare the literacy rates for women in the US with that of Pak or even what by used to be in Bangladesh before their reforms. You will get the linkage. Also US social pressures compared to the ones in Pak are extremely divergent when it comes to working moms / women.

First there is no scientific research or logical argument that proves that having greater women workforce = guaranteed success 2nd what has lower fertility rate todo with greater women workforce, how u established the connection between them? There is actual data on that claim and if u only read and research on how Bangladesh achieved growth through what I stated then u will see the facts too also it is logical to hv more women working if they aren’t pregnant most of the time in terms of time, health n responsibilities.

Hardly there and hence the post as a plea to the decision makers of Pakistan. The starting point isn’t job creation but a change in mind set of this society. Is that the only means of developing an economy ? Women participation will boost an economy is one of the most stupid arguments ; we have a huge youth bulge which is unemployed, unskilled and ill mannered , before peddling western imperialist agenda please look at facts. With doctor brides plaguing our matrimonial scene, I think we need more of a cultural shift and can achieve greater workforce participation sooner.

There was something called DoctHers which was an attempt to engage female doctors who were now housewives. Thought it was fantastic idea. Lots of small orgs inc mine try to engage women who can work from home. It’s important but simultaneously there should be opportunities and culture of part time work. It would encourage more women to be part of workforce. Just make sure everyone’s educated and let them make their own choices. There needs to be no ‘push’ for anything else. They’re people, not experiments.

In countries where this is already done are women better of? Do they get paid the same salary as men in the west?Has the lower birthrate due to late or not having children hurting the society or benefiting it due to an ageing population? We should consider all aspects. And Pakistan has humongous human resources. Population has increased from 36M in 1947 to 230M today and that is growing rapidly.

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