Desperate Pakistani Girls for Relationship

Desperate Pakistani Girls for Relationship

If you browse through Pakistani social media on various platforms and cull it from the fake accounts, you will be surprised to see scores of desperate Pakistani girls for relationship who are serious out there.

They are asking desperately where are those reasonably sane and cute guys ? Seriously! My lovely gal pals deserve guys who’re stable enough to stay in a healthy relationship and believe in mutual growth. So are you the one 😎 ? or know someone? These are the questions being asked on various social media platforms on daily basis and the struggle is real out there and I am not exaggerating. So maybe just leave a reply under this post mentioning some of your interests ️so maybe someone equally interesting & amazing reach out and you both hit it off.

I likes this “set-up girl”. Is this blog the new Tinder? Haha not tinder, but yeah I guess this blog is a bit of every other sm platform. I’m not exactly sure how this would work but lets see. I want a friend like you in life. I am a stable and sane guy. I don’t make the rules but yeah! no money no honey. May your friends find what they are looking for. Too many beasts out there. Look competitive forum is developed in Australia, and there is shariah compliance “Halal”. And targeting me at social media, like i am one to desperate for having it, but actually i am not.

Dunno if I’ve grown up to read people well r the world has changed? it’s now full of narcissists. In the name of self respect, people have become self obsessed. So your gal gang gotta lower the standards and may be compromise and then settle for average. This disease is beyond gender though. That’s the hook. The line and the sinker are a different ballgame. Explain what you really want to say. Sorry for what I thought. Being in a relationship without any social agreement. Is that you want to say? Why would you go such extreme. I don’t think you’re beneficial to even cause of your existence here.

Everyone will consider themselves sane. That’s not a good way to know your follower. Sir it’s not “who is the tallest one in the classroom” competition, plz sit down. So what is exact definition of “reasonably sane & cute guys” . I guess that depends on person to person and priorities you are looking for in a relationship. Oh yeah I get that but you gotta do what you gotta do to atleast try & find that one right fit for you. And how about the following:

I am Civil Servant, BS-17, 31 m, Karachi.
Hobbies: Files, news, movies and cricket.
Cons: Introvert (Hence this fake ID for flirting)
Pros: I am stable (Psychologically).

So this is all fun and good.

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