How to Treat a Woman in Pakistan

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“If you wish to know how civilized a culture is, look at how they treat it’s women”


By your choice of words, you aren’t the type of person I have would stoop replying to normally. But if you listen carefully to the video, any normal person will say that its the whole party he is referring to, not a specific person. Saying is one thing and implementing is other, Woman’s are more oppressed in parts where his Nationalist theories are followed, their literacy rate is low, participation in workforce is low, more kids and less nutrition.

Decent civilization also formulate its legitimatise laws to secure its precarious and vulnerable sect especially for women but it does not mean masculine are egregious. Can you elaborate the right way to treat a women? I think many man don’t even know how to treat a women rightfully without hurting their ego or honor. Many will make their women look like a sack of meat wrapped in a cloth throw in a prison like room with restrictions like hell.

Another side, you can read national poet Sir Alama Iqbal. If you wish to know how civilized a nation is, look at how they follow the traffic rules. Rightly said by Bacha Khan, it’s time we eliminate extremists from entire 🇵🇰 & become civilized for all times. Nice treatment of women is a subjective term. Bacha Khan Baba was a great man and he spoke well but we should do what Islam says and then really act upon it in a true manner.

Not exactly! In the U.S. for example, every dog is immediately housed & taken care of but human beings are on the streets, without homes, jobs or any economic relief due to horrible economic conditions. You don’t judge societies; you look at their good, bad & ugly for a good view. How they treat men is not matter? Only women deserve respect not men..if you abuse men , degrade men you are civilized.

Wrong! culture does not relate only to women at all. actually, why should women be treated while they demand equal rights? in Islam they are not equal, but they have different rights. you have to respect Islamic regulations if you are a Muslim. or else, don’t make propaganda and treating women as in your community will pave the way to establish more Hera Mandaees. such treatment of women we will never let in Afghanistan. that is why we always proud to be Afghan. sorry to say, you do not deserve the name (Yousufzai), better to remove it.

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