DHA Mango Festival in Full Bloom

DHA Mango Festival in Full Bloom

DHA is celebrating mango festival in a grand way and most of people are loving it. Mangoes are pride of Pakistan and are liked across the world and throughout the Pakistan. This is great that DHA is giving this recognition to the mangoes and introducing them to the world.

They did not force anybody to sale mango orchards. People sold them because they were offered a good price. So, what’s wrong in this. Those people also deserve to live a good life in societies. They knew better than us. There are certain things which are common in this state nd we all have nothing to do within such circumstances you lost freedom of speech, expression, all these basic things stalled at that moment. 1 Million Mango trees – totally absurd & baseless claim. We need to stop creating every high-fi to tiny housing society construction Soon whole Pakistan would be cemented plot with no greenery and worst air quality.

It’s really heartbreaking when i heard that DHA has destroyed so much mangoes gardens. I hope its not true. I love DHA but I love mangoes too. Due to deforestation we lose our resources and cannot enjoy the fresh air and heatwave is increased day by day due to deforestation and making housing societies on this land we are going to alarming situated. There are different opinions on this, some say that there’s still good area that wasn’t affected, and others complain, most of Multan is commercial now this had to happen sooner or later and this will be good.

It was 100 million. And please not talk about city housing of Malik Riaz, those trees were not giving any mangoes anyway. With people having no sense of history, this is the simplest trick to deflect blame for a sin. Agriculture University is holding this mango festival in Defense arena. Most of the Plantation including preservation of forests, and green belts in Pakistan is done by Army especially in Kashmir, Northern Area and Fata districts. Moreover  SOS green Pakistan is mostly carried out by army in last 6 years initiated by Imran Khan. Some people in Bahawalpur also destroy large number of trees. The thing is that mass orientation and awareness need to be raised for this all across Pakistan starting from the schools.

Provincial authorities are helpless before the DHA gang then what should we expect to an ordinary landowner he would resist. It’s not just 1 million its estimated 5 million tree’s which includes more than 100+ different kinds of mangoes. Make it at least 10 million please. There is no limit when all you need is likes n retweets. Deforestation happened just in Multan? Might as well enjoy them before they become extinct. Estate more lucrative than fruit.

The total area of DHA Multan is 10000 Acres mean about 40 Square Kilometers. 1 million mango trees require an area of 100 square kilometers (a single grown up mango tree occupy 30ftx30ft=900 Square feet area. So please refrain from spreading illogical things.

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