Tayyaba Gul Leaked Video Full Uncut in NAB

Tayyaba Gul Leaked Video Full Uncut in NAB

Tayyaba Gul video is leaked and available in full uncut for download as former chairman NAB Javed Iqbal is exposed.

Nation is Waiting CJP. to take suo moto notice of Tayyaba Gul’s case? It is a more damning indictment of the system. Or the the state has gone Beresk. There is nothing more serious than this one case his highness has so far taken notice of. Justice (retired) Javed Iqbal harassment row: Tayyaba Gul submits videos and audios as evidence to PAC. Just imagine any judge/ NAB can do this to any woman they take fancy to.

My questions:

1. Who appointed javed iqbal as NAB chairman?
2. Has tayyaba gul filed an fir against chairman NAB?

I was kept hostage in PM House after meeting Imran Khan, my naked video was made for blackmailing NAB Chairman to get cases of PTI leaders finished: Tayyaba Gull. Tayyaba Gul has submitted videos and audios as evidence to Public Accounts Committee, reports Geo News. If there is one reason for IHC to open at night,it should be tonight to take notice of Tayyaba Gul’s grave allegations against J Javed Iqbal, PSPM Azam Khan & IK himself. Either TG conspired against ImranKhanPTI and Javed Iqbal or this state has gone berserk! Truth must come out.

Chairman PAC Noor Alam initiated inquiry against Ex Chairman NAB while on other hand SC formed a bench comprising a group of judges to proceed against 20 defected members including Noor Alam of PTI in NA to deseat them or otherwise. Will this move stall action against NAB? When Enemies of Humanity become so powerful that Few just and upright persons can’t Correct them and are overpowered by them then Lord of the Universe Himself Takes Action, as was done with Namrud Pharoah and many Other Tyrants.

This case will be thrown to dustbin within 2 days.. Such allegations aren’t new. Its the easiest way to malign someone. Zardari used ayyan ali, You never showed any concerns? sit down. It is time that the Supreme Court takes suo motu notice of Tayyiba Gul’s allegations. Though people should not jump to conclusions, these are serious allegations against Imran Khan and Javed Iqbal. They cannot be left unaddressed.

“Truth must come out” because I hate Imran Khan and maybe there is something we can find to malign him.
Javed Iqbal was appointed by PPP/PML-N and he worked for Neutrals, Imran Khan has nothing do with it. The above said court can open only by the order of one. That i will not name. As you are so innocent that you don’t know why court opened at midnight.

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