Why Pakistani Men Cheat

Men cheat because they don’t respect women. Why does it have to be any deeper than that? Yes “pretty” and “beautiful” women get cheated on. They’re still women aren’t they? See also: why men don’t understand the big deal about potentially spreading STD’s to their partners while cheating. It’s because they don’t respect women. The end. Everybody cheats. It has nothing to do with love or respect. It’s mostly an issue of opportunity and self restraint.

Everybody doesn’t cheat. That’s something habitual cheaters tell themselves so they don’t seem like terrible people for doing it. And cheating is disrespectful so yes, it has to do with both love and respect. By “Everybody” I meant both men and women. I should have clarified but it’s been so interesting seeing so many insecure people attack me for my own opinion. I’m concerned that you don’t know what “insecure” means. And did OP say *only* men cheat or were they just discussing why, in their opinion, men cheat? Keep your opinions to yourself if you not a man and its not always about disrespect.

My family has a history of cheating (my abuelo puts Nick Canon to shame), lacking respect for women is a huge part of it. There’s also insecurities of self and the r-ship, lacking self restraint and personal self respect, and a lack of family, marital and r-ship values. We’re sold the idea that if we’re pretty enough men will do anything for us and love us forever, just like in the romance novels and movies. it’s such an illusion. It’s so we distract ourselves with finding the right shade of lipstick instead of seeing men for what they are and acting accordingly/training/forming a coalition.

Personally I feel that folks cheat because of their own personal shortcomings or feelings about themselves. I find that men and women that cheat on their mates are extremely insecure people. They may also lack respect for their mate but I believe it’s deeper than that alone. I don’t see why every individual relationship has to be hyper relevant and focused on how it relates to wider society. People cheat for a lot of reasons. And because almost all human behaviors fall into some sort of category. that’s why our behaviors can be studied and understood.

Incidentally men cheat with other men’s wives. So the equation balances. Men cheat=Women cheat. Don’t be fooled that there are angels from outer space who lure your men into the act of cheating. I don’t think underlying reasoning for any behavior is quite as unipolar as you are saying here. Cheaters do not want a poly life, they want to cheat. A poly life involves having a partner that is also allowed to be involved with other people, and cheaters generally don’t want that. They want their partner sitting around the house waiting faithfully while they cheat.

And women cheat because they don’t respect men or worry about passing an STD to their partners. Even men that respect women get cheated on. This is also a correct statement, but, not sure it’s relevant, it’s just a non-linking statement, not a comment on the original post, as it obviously refers to men in the context they have a much stronger turn out and culture of betrayal and abuse of women. I don’t respect women, or anyone for that matter. But I’d never cheat on my girl. “Men cheat because they don’t respect women”. For the most part, that’s not true. I would say one of the leading contributors is lack of self-restraint / discipline. Very very few men will say they don’t respect women. That’s an extreme.

Why is it men always try to butt into shit. she didn’t say women don’t cheat. they cheat too. she’s just talking about men specifically. damn, y’all egos are fragile. They always compare themselves to women instead of other groups of men. It also implies that “less attractive” women “deserve” the disrespect and adultery. Can you give us a the expert findings on why women cheat? Men when good careers, manners, good looking, providers, Hibert and caring still get cheated on. Women cheat because men don’t respect them and women spread std’s to their husbands because the husband being a man didn’t respect her since the day he was born

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