Floods in Lasbela and Jhal Magsi

Lasbela and Jhal Magsi flood

Rains and floods have wreaked havoc in the Saraiki areas of South Punjab and Balochistan. Dera Ghazi Khan, Athal, Jhal Magsi, Lasbela are under severe damage. Helicopters, boats and rescue operations should be arranged on an emergency basis. Flash floods by heavy rainfall continued to ravage through Balochistan,claiming 105 lives and leaving the districts of Lasbela, Jhal Magsi, Kech and Khuzdar devastated.

Gandawa Jhal Magsi #Balochistan Pakistan Reko Diq & Saindak Copper-Gold Mine gives trillions $s to #China & billions 4 politicians/Army-Generals as kick backs #PakistanArmy’ Jawans sacrificing their life here. The authorities in Balochistan’s Lasbela and Jhal Magsi districts have failed to evacuate stranded people in the aftermath of flash floods unleashed by torrential rains across the province. Jhal Magsi Balochistan is currently facing the ravages of floods. May the provincial and federal governments help these poor people. You are Lords of this land since last 2 centuries, you have been parts of each and every government from 1947, All of you are missing and shifted to Karachi, and Islamabad than who would take responsibility for this.

Ground rescue and relief teams are busy in Othal, Jhal Magsi in shifting people to safer places and provision of food and water to local residents. Doctors and paramedics are providing medical care to affected people. Floods in Jhal Magsi & surrounding areas have caused a lot of damage. Livestock , homes & crops destroyed. Most road links to Quetta & Sindh cut off. Our efforts of flood relief continue, may Allah keep everyone safe. The opposition has tried to humiliate me in whatever capacity they could but failed miserably because “Izzat or Zillat Allah Ke Hath Mein Hai”.

Jhal Magsi District of Balochistan is under extreme flood conditions. Many places and areas in Jhal Magsi have been affected from floods. People and rest are requested to put an helping hand in any form or way. The heart is saddened over the loss of precious lives and financial losses due to heavy rains #Floods and landslides across Balochistan including Jhal Magsi,Lasbela All the workers of the @IJT_BaloChistan should immediately arrange aid by rescuing the trapped flood victims. District Jhal Magsi, hardly hit by recent flood. Remarkable resilience shown by the Locals. Govt needed to rescue the masses with thier assets immediately.

Lashes and Jhal Magsi districts literally drowning in flood water. Home Minister Balochistan, Mir Ziaullah Langove on Tuesday said the government has shifted 50,000 families to safe places in Turbat, Jhal Magsi and Lasbella districts of the province. Still mostly area’s of Balochistan are under flood where people asking for help they have no drinking water food they immediately want rescue all around flood including Gandawa Jhal Magsi, bela, Makran Coastal Highway, Bolan, Khuzdar. shelters and other relief materials have been provided in Lasbela, Othal, Jhal Magsi, Khuzdar & other affected areas. Standby response teams are stationed at various locations in Balochistan for relief activities and to counter any emergency situation due to flooding.

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