Real Story Behind Sheikh Danish Khadija Case Story

Real Story Behind Sheikh Danish Khadija Case Story

Everyone is talking about dr Khadija case story where Sheikh Danish and his wife beat her and Ana fled the country. Ana and Khadija were friends and then from there this whole story started which culminated in shoe licking and other weird things on camera.

Photos of Ana Sheikh are also circulating on social media as she perpetrated this whole thing. Hot and beautiful Ana has a heart of iron as she created this whole fiasco and the reason behind this whole episode.

The accused who tortured Dr. Khadija, abused journalists and misbehaved with them. Instead of being ashamed of her crime, this woman is insulting the entire society. Sheikh Danish gas not been granted bail and has been remanded for 5 days. Sheikh Danish being released on bail after publicly torturing a girl is the example of how the law is nothing but a bith for the rich. Sheikh Danish’s maid/second wife confesses to beating #Khadija because she claims Khadija did backbiting against Danish’s daughter, Ana who is believed to have fled the country.

Businessman Sheikh Danish & Ana Sheikh abducted a medical student Khadijah, brutally tortured, shaved her eye brows & trimmed hair make her lick their shoes. Her crime is turning down the marriage proposal of Danish. Lanat should be arrested & give max punishment. Well is there any association for safety of Pakistani medical students and doctors in Pakistan who raise the voice of this innocent girl or not? no protocol for medical students and doctors like a lawyers in Pakistan. Law and order is for poor. Within a week both will be released on bail. Such a week justice system we have. 50k can get you out in a few hours. Within a week they’ll be at a beach in Hawaii.

Look at your message and then the gaali you are using. Does not go with what you are trying to preach. Second of all, we need Sharia law and not Talibans. Read Afghan history since the time of Soviets. Read autobiographies of people who survived under their rule. Now the affected girl has withdrawn her case under life threats or as a result of offered financial support, to whom we should support and raise voice against the criminals, similar case is of Layyah girl and no more updates from police as police might be aware of the criminals. Inshallah culprits will be given their punishment but we have to raise our voices until that moment.

Hadeeth alBukhaari (1729) and Muslim (2391) from Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “No woman should travel except with a mahram, and no man should enter upon her unless a mahram of hers is present.”




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