Cheap Sanitary Products for Pakistani Girls

Cheap Sanitary Products for Pakistani Girls

Women menstruate. For health, hygiene, and comfort reasons, they need sanitary products. Conversations like what you posted are essential and need to be normalised, even if perverted men like you get scintillated by them and think you can use them to embarrass or troll me.

But why would you use such language or discuss stuff that cannot be publicly discussed. Do you gossip about your personal things (famine things) in front your brothers, uncles, father aunts, tv shows?. You are not a common woman. We listen to you on TV. Just think about it. This is a clip from card. The video specifically states it is about sanitary products. The target audience is primarily those who menstruate and want to know options. I know women use to use pads, sanitary etc and it’s nothing to be ashamed of but Don’t you think that there are some codes of ethics for activities below the belt that apply on all genders, such as when we go to pee, we say I go to washroom?

I am sorry and didn’t want to police anybody. People have choices, and can do whatever they want. The problem is public figures are targeted on each little mistake. So if you are ok with it just don’t respond to them. It gets more attention. You did a great job by discussing it. Actually there is nothing wrong in discussing menses and related stuff openly. It should be normalised. Our society is too hypocrite. People think our ‘norms’ are good. By the way why you stopped ‘Aurat Card’? It was a great programme.

So, this is the issue see: We are not living in the same head spaces in Pakistan. Normalizing and building medical awareness are two different things. Our moral code is ours, and we should not care about finding a common ground with the West on that. We are we, they are they. There is nothing immoral about bleeding when your uterus sheds its thick layer no longer needed because woman is not pregnant. It makes us what we are as reproductive women. Moral code defines how a society approaches issues. We have our own way. Without stretching our fabric, we should look for ways to get results harmoniously. I hope you understand the point. “Normalizing”, for our society, has a different meaning all together.

Just because the western civilization was lucky enough to have a head start in common-sense doesn’t mean common sense is not a universal phenomenon. The world’s way now is common sense. Your way is a relic you’re desperately clinging on to while being utterly captured by the culture you’re attacking and the funny part is you don’t even realize it. I have endorsed that we should create more awareness. The way we do it should be tailored to how social norms as a whole. If you ever get a chance to live in the east (I have lived in Korea for 2 years and am Now living in the US since 2020), saying that there is just 1 right way of approach is an oversimplification. What we want are results, and adjusting to our way has much less entropy than redefining everything from the ground. That doesn’t and will not work. At de end of da day, we have our own identities, like it or not.

I agree with your nuanced argument. There are many ways of doing the right thing. I’m a woman, I have daughters and sisters and friends, we come from many different cultures and back grounds and have our own characters to live by.

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