Iran Girl Takes Off Shirt in Public in Protest

جسم کا پجاری

This is how the west hijacks the movement of freedom anywhere in the world. It took them only 3 weeks from “No Hijab” to “No Shirts”, from one extreme to another extreme. Now the discourse will be polarized and there’ll be no justice.

With this kind of extremism the civil rights movement will loose its legitimacy. It is not extreme. It’s a manifestation of ‘mera jism meri marzi’. A girl’s been killed for just showing her hair. You don’t even allow them to show their rage over such brutality? What they’re saying is that it’s their bodies, however they want to deal with it, it’s their choice. This is exactly what they want for Muslim women, to Western people freedom means women to be nude and that’s what freedom is to them. Every other faith and culture is following on the footsteps of westerns ideology, Islam is still holding its ground and that’s what they despise.

Freedom is having the right over one’s own body without regressive custodians like you vomiting online. A female’s body is haram now? Are you creating your own version of Islam??
Women like you amplify this mindset & then, wonder why impressionable boys objectifies female body. Some people were saying they r fighting for their rights but in real they r fighting for the biggest cosmetic companies that the America holds the largest share. Wearing hijabwas never any problem before the Western world turned its largest shares in cosmetic and liquor companies.

She’s asking what are these men scared of my breasts? She’s demanding “زن زندگی آزادی” … what made you think it is polarized, only one woman one woman in that sea of crowd with no shirt is expressing herself, why are you triggered. It has nothing to do with western hijacks. simply , it is result of undue state suppression of fundamental rights. every action has a similar reaction. this is just a brave reaction. But the girl is ! And she wants to tell their country mates to do same. Now my question is why a poor person who shout for his right in India Pakistan Afghanistan Bangladesh fails to get enough coverage, while a nude lady succeed in just hours to get international voice either in positive or negative way?

Their first reaction is “what drove this woman to get to this extreme?” A Pakistani’s reaction is “a nude woman, such a taboo” (even though Pakistan has the highest porn watchers). Perhaps reflect upon your mindset, hundreds of woman are murdered & you care about“ a nde woman”? It is literally disappointing to see that a simpler mass movement is being hijacked at the middle of the road by the neo-liberal western degeneracy. Of course, the blowback to it will reinforce the old religious system that is another extreme to the other end. This is not Iran she can’t do this and if she do she would be arrested every country has there rules and for Muslim country this is not accepted.

I am seriously unable to understand why some of them are so desperate to show off their bodies. The truth is that extremism in either ways is condemnable. Sanity must prevail.

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