Real Story of Nishtar Hospital Multan Scandal of Dead

Putrified dead bodies found on rooftop of Nishter Hospital Mulan. Government ordered inquiry. Years ago, same case was found in Mayo Hospital Lahore. But no inquiry was done. Thats why this happened in Multan. Likely bodies being prepped for dissection for medical students learning. Likely part of process preserving the body. But they are in full clothes. For dissection bodes are kept in freezer and not dressed like this.

Wrapped up with a chadar and preservatives needed as well .very very unlikely that these were for dissection for study purpose. Can be unclaimed bodies. Very sad.Humiliating behavior by the NHM administration with the dead bodies of unknown persons at least they have to buried them rather than thrown them on rooftop. Everyday we go farther and farther from humanity. There isn’t any mentioning of when and who recovered these bodies. Also no proof that this video is of Nishtar hospital and no proof when it was made.

Astaghfirullah. These would have been someone’s dear and loved ones as well, no one deserves this, negligence, in the name of science or whatsoever. OMG in our horror country, the story of 500 unidentified bodies found on the rooftop of Nishtar hospital. The videos showed the horrors of Nishtar Hospital’s dead house packed with rotten bodies. In the videos and pictures, some bodies were thrown on the floor and old wooden cot.

Multiple dead bodies rotting on the roof of Nishtar Hospital Multan. Horrifying images. They’ve been disrespected and violated to the fullest extent. Some staff allegedly sold organs and other parts. Rest assured, we are doomed as a people. Only the Divine can dispense justice. No one was held responsible when more than hundred dead bodies were recovered from Lahore, so the perpetrators were emboldened to kill more. As a result 500 more are killed and thrown at the roof of Nishtar Hospital Multan.

Dead Bodies of people without any Namaz-e-janaza or anything legality found at roof top of Nishtar Hospital, as if they are some kind of worms.This has happened under control of Dr. Amjad Khan Chandio(BS-18) appointed on the basis of pure favouritism of Parliamentarians of PTI. Why did i watch the video of 500 dead bodies at Nishtar Hospital’s rooftop. To all the doctors who know about this incident, were they used for anatomy, dissection? But why would they keep them on the rooftop?

The revelation of throwing abandoned dead bodies on the roof top of Nishtar Hospital Multan. The remains of more than 500 bodies were found. Investigation begins! This is insanity! How ruthless the management of Nishtar Hospital could be.

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