dal do dal do viral video link available here

Dal do ab
Tadpao mt

Yad Aya Teri Behan ka ya Wala scene Jb mujy Keh rhi thi Dal do Dal do. Or wo bhi hijry tery samny. I’ve got that imposter syndrome feeling again!

Nothing grind my mf gears to see a grown ass man over 26 moving to a city (ATL/DAL) bc of the gay scene. Purpose of moving to any bigger city is to do better, be successful, job, etc not move to somebody couch. Y’all to old to still be doing dumb sht.

Who says men do not make any sacrifices? My husband has practically given up on the window seats. Man what’s the use of graduating with honours when you’re a white stan poking your nose into bts and army’s business chulhe me dal do vo degree.

The craziest thing I’ve seen on the Internet today is BTS fangirls calling themselves ‘military wives’ because the BTS boys are serving in the military or something 😂 in all seriousness, I think it’s an insult to actual ‘military wives’ who had to go through so much hardships.

I think it’s time to sell my pick-up truck. I’m getting tired of people telling other people oh hey Matt’s got a truck he should be able to help you move. And that person can’t even pay. I have been barely getting by working when I can do temp work. Gas isn’t cheap.

I don’t see the Lions beating the Cowboys, but every DAL fan better block me if they do. I didn’t forget the comments week 1.

Savory Indian style waffles made with Green Moong Dal batter. Healthy and protein packed, these waffles can be enjoyed for breakfast, brunch or snack. I’m going to make some custom coasters with fck Trudeau on it to go with my cool mug. I might even do some with small fringe minority on it.

That’s going to do it for the first period, the teams trade goals….and shots. It couldn’t really be more even. Hm, What do you think of the “Live Action” Antagonist Prequel Film about Bessie?

TIL Ultimate has a mechanic that limits the amount of SDI inputs you can do per hit to 16 inputs but it’s never used due to SDI being limited to 1 input per 4 frames lol


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