Nain Matakka with a hot guy in Pakistani Wedding

Nain Matakka with a hot guy in Pakistani Wedding

I’ve wasted my youth. Not once did I have nain-matakka with a hot guy at a wedding, my dupatta didnt get stuck on anyone’s wristwatch,I wasn’t serenaded as bano ki saheli,a spoilt industrialist ka beta didnt change his ways for me.Thanks for the unrealistic expectations, Bollywood.

Aankh mattaka or nain mattaka is very common in Pakistan but I think I missed the boat somehow. Honourable mam Bollywood waly enjoyment uncles/auntie’s kaar rahi hain.

Youth bichary kaha ainka muqabla kaar sakty hain. In Pakistan, most of us have lol. Just returned from a segregated wedding which takes away even the possibility of nain matakka. Will you get off at a random train station with a total stranger in a foreign land?

Shes goning to get off a train on a foreign land only if she ever did. You think shes going to get off at cheechawatni station with me or you? 🤣 We are not even hot. I might be though. The modern day Bollywood protagonist is sitting in his PJs at home, drinking tea, scratching himself & lol’ling clever tweets…so take that for what it’s worth. I like the word ‘nain-matakka’ reminds me of ‘chhanay baazi’. The thing is that backstory develop ho rahi hai sirf picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.

Start watching Tamil movies and you will find Physics/science rules unrealistic. Time to start watching paki dramas. Relationships se emaan hi uth jayega. Please stop making me feel that I am wasting my youth too. These are reality of modern day Haram relationships. All these instances have been replaced by guys doin nain mataka on insta, extending wrist watch on Whatsapp for ur reply to get stuck somehow, spoilt brat always flaunting themselves on Snapchat, guys putting up mimicked TikTok songs status is current era serenade for you girls.

You’re better off, you see what these spoilt industrialist/rich folks ka betas are doing to women.

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