Aqsa Kinjhar Hot Viral Video Real Story

So who is Aqsa Kinjhar Jamali and why she is so famous these days on social media. She is an icon now and quite a cool one. All of a sudden there was a rumor on social media that there is an objectionable video circulating about Aqsa Kinjhar and this hot viral video is real. But guys that’s not the truth. Just read the following:


Such a tragic and heartbreaking incident. Please always think about your safety and safety of others when in a large crowd (due to high chances of a stampede) or everywhere you are (buildings, machines, home, vehicles, roads). Safety awareness can save someone’s life. All moral, ethical standards are on decline. What a shameful instance of fearful and self retribution society we have become. This happens when the law and order situation is deteriorate at its peak.

She said that on her social media hours ago. Now tell me how could a girl with such decency and intelligence could do a horrible thing like unreasonable and obnoxious video? Well if someone is famous on social media then it doenst mean that they would be leaking their videos just to get some ratings, followers and other social media likes. I think its about time that we give break to such newly created stars and make sure that we give them respect and we give them due share. Let me share some more gems from her:

We wish the Sindhi beauty Aqsa Kinjhar Leela Jamali. And a very happy and prosperous birthday. Stay positive, talented and healthy always. Since law and prisons are only for poor in this country these things tend to happen. Aqsa Kinjhar Leela Jamali Sahiba is the Great personality of Sindh and Always supports everyone Allah pak always BleSs her Ameen. A sad day for Pakistan…lost a brave journalist for standing and speaking the truth RIP. Wishing all of our Hindu community across the globe a very #HappyDiwali glowing with peace, prosperity and joy.

She is also very intelligent on the politics. For example, she said on Arshad case is needed to be thoroughly investigated and internal and external elements of suspicion should be taken seriously and mapping out the linkages in the network should be immediately be done…This is an attack on 🇵🇰 stability indirectly. And she said about Nusrat Sahiba, Remembering Beguam Nusrat Bhutto on her Death Anniversary. Begum Nusrat Bhutto will always be remembered as the “Mother of Democracy” who taught us that when the cause of your country so demands we must be willing to sacrifice wealth, comfort and even our lives.

I respect all languages of my Pakistan and all over the world but i love my mother tongue Sindhi. Sindh khe awhan jehre bahadur dhe ta fakhur ahe Aqsa sahiba. I’m Urdu speaking, and I respect and love all languages of our country. Specially, language of our province, Sindhi.

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