Real Story Who Shot Imran Khan Attacker Revealed

Here is real story who shot Imran Khan and why and the attacker is revealed in this video with the actual facts. Let’s not side with any party and hear the truth which is below as who the person is who attacked Imran Niazi Khan of PTI.

There is a four-marla house in Gali Masjid Raza Wali of Mohalla Muslimabad in Suhadra, which has not yet been plastered inside and outside. It is simply plastered with cement, as if the house is still under construction. Naveed Ahmed lived in this under-construction house along with his two young sons, old mother and wife.

This area of ​​Wazirabad has been in the news since the firing on Imran Khan’s Long March as Naveed Ahmed, an alleged attacker in police custody, is said to belong to the area.

When the container of Tehreek-e-Insaf’s long march arrived at Allahwala Chowk in Wazirabad, there was a sudden firing, as a result of which former Prime Minister Imran Khan and some other people were injured. Soon after that, the PTI workers ran after the alleged attacker Naveed Ahmed whom they had seen firing and one of the workers even tried to stop him during the firing.

Naveed Ahmed was soon caught by the elite force and taken to the local police station.

A case of this incident has not yet been registered and no formal statement has been issued by the police. But several videos of Naveed Ahmed from inside the Kunjah police station in Gujarat have surfaced in which he is confessing to the attack on Imran Khan.

Later, Chief Minister of Punjab Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, taking strict notice of the incident of leaking the video statement of the accused who fired, suspended the relevant police personnel and confiscated their mobile phones for forensic purposes. While according to RPO Gujarat, ‘the accused has been detained, and at present no final word can be given.’

Suhadra is situated on the banks of river Chenab. It is a densely populated town. It is believed that almost every family in this town has at least one member living abroad for employment.

Naveed Ahmed’s elder son is about one and a half years old while the younger son was born just ten days ago.

The house they live in is their mother’s inherited house which came to Naveed. According to local journalist Aqeel Ahmed Lodhi, “The accused had kept this house by himself by giving a share to his brothers.”

Naveed Ahmed’s father Muhammad Basheer died about fifteen years ago. Naveed Ahmed belongs to Arain family. His father worked as a pipe fitter (boring) and junk worker.

His other brothers were also doing the work left by their father. As tap work has become a bit modern, these people now use machines for boring. Naveed Ahmed worked hard in Saudi Arabia for four, four and a half years and returned only a few months ago.

According to Abdullah, one of his neighbors, he lived in Saudi Arabia for four or five years and used to work hard there. Wasn’t doing anything special after coming back. However, he used to work with his brother in boring work. Apart from this, he used to do the work of scrap wood.

Abdullah has said that Naveed Ahmad belongs to Sunni Barelvi religion. Sometimes he was found praying in the mosque.

While Khalid Majeed, a resident of Suhadra, said that his family is not religious at all. I have never seen him offering prayers regularly. This is a typical traditional religious household.

According to Khalid Majeed, ‘When I heard that he had fired, I was shocked. Because he did not appear to be a person who slapped anyone.

Another neighbor, Muhammad Ashraf, when asked if Naveed Ahmed had a reputation for fighting in the area, said, “Absolutely not.” Never seen fighting with anyone. Whenever I saw them, I saw them working or staying at home.

According to Khalid Majeed, a local resident, ‘He was mostly a silent man. He did not get into fights.

However, a neighbor said on condition of anonymity that his religious inclination was towards a particular group. He used to attend religious functions in the local mosque.

While Babar Hussain, a resident of Mohalla Muslimabad, said, “I don’t know if he is related to any political or religious party.” He was an ordinary man. He used to greet him as he came. He did not communicate more than salam and dua. He was a common servant, he had to sit and stand with common servants.

Another resident told local journalist Aqeel Ahmed Khan Lodhi, “There is a House of Daffodils school in a house near accused Naveed Ahmed’s house, where a few days ago there was a function in which music was also used. He was found and had a bitter conversation with the school administration.

The principal of this school is a woman who was contacted by journalist Aqeel Ahmed Lodhi to confirm the incident but could not be contacted. According to journalist Aqeel Ahmed Lodhi, “The principal of the school lives in another neighborhood, while most of the family members of the accused have either been caught by the police or have escaped.”

Asked several neighbors of the accused Naveed Ahmed, “Today or yesterday, has anyone heard the accused talking against Imran Khan or seen him in any activity that is out of the ordinary and suspicious?”

But the same answer was received from all the people, ‘Nobody heard him talking about Imran Khan or Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s rally, nor found him involved in any suspicious activity.’

Khalid Majeed, a local resident of Suhadra, told us that it was already ten o’clock at night. Five to seven people are sitting at my camp, whose topic of conversation is that today or yesterday, has anyone seen the accused showing anger or displeasure regarding Imran Khan and the Long March? Everyone is completely ignorant and surprised like me.

Zargham Ali, the brother of PTI activist Ibtisam Ahmed, who stopped the alleged accused Naveed Ahmed while talking to us, said, ‘The statement of the accused is circulating on social media, this is Naveed Ahmed and he is my brother. had caught But Naveed Ahmed was wearing a jacket at that time and the jacket was taken off while giving a statement.

In an interview with a local channel, Ibtasam said that he was about 15 feet away from the container while Naveed was about 10 feet away from him on the right side. As soon as he put his hand in his shalwar and took out the pistol, I got my attention. For a second, his hand would be towards the container, I ran and removed his hand so that the bullet would go away from the container.

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