Who is Jeassna Saad and Real Full Story with Video

People are literally saying stuff about Jeassna Saad because of her insta story what about humayun saeed steamy scenes in The Crown y’all only know how to bring womens down where are your morals when it comes to men. She seems to be too entitled and the truth of the matter is that Learn to take responsibility for their actions.

“You leave Islam slowly, Islam leaves you swiftly.” The negative evolution of Jeassna Saad. Some men here will say shit about Jeassna Saad because she posted a picture of her with a man but will not say a single word about how men harassed a woman who was unconscious after getting into a car accident. Btw no hate to humayun saeed or anything my point is that people react differently when it comes to women and men which is absolutely wrong. Well someone had to, considering the fact that there is big question mark on our society.

if Jeassna Saad is dating this guy taimoor then what was saryam doing in her bed? Jeassna Saad is seeking attention and you guys are giving her. did you all see Jeassna Saad’s story too? Jeassna Saad posts a picture with random dude. mfs who never had any chance. I don’t blame Jeassna Saad I would sit too. I love how, men aside, even women are posting Jeassna Saad’s hijab pictures and then comparing it to her recent story. Woman bringing woman down, DISGUSTING. What happened to your feminism? What happened to “its her life, her choice”? Yall don’t even stand by your own principles.

people be talking about Jeassna Saad and her story but i don’t even know who she is. If Jeassna Saad posted a “weird” story that doesn’t mean y all will take ss and post it here???? some of you all are really obsessed w other people’s life and i can totally see it. And girls posting Jeassna Saad’s fake Instagram story more than guys, shows how insecure women are of eachother and ready to pull eachother down. Yesterday I saw all sorts of women bashing them so idk about that. Your logic is, we shouldn’t condemn either of them if people aren’t equally as harsh on both . Rather condemning both for promoting behayai.

First of all i clearly said that my point is that how differently people react towards both genders. Second in islam you are also suppose to cover others wrong insted of showing it to everyone and plus they are going to be the one answering to Allah for their actions not us. And where are your morals when it comes to men.” You’re trying to justify a woman being beghairat and not getting condemned for it because some people don’t condemn men as harshly as they do women. And yes sister you are right about covering people’s sins, but for that they have to hide their sins.

The truth is that you cant hide the sins of those who sin publicly and try to normalize sins, thats not how it works. But yes if someone is trying to hide their sins, we should cover for them rather than expose them. Which happens alot in our country unfortunately. She did deleted her insta story for whatever reason or whatever she thought but unfortunately people took ss of that story and thought it would be funny to post it and make fun of her and yeh you are right that this happens a lot in our country unfortunately.




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