Wine Beer Whisky Vodka in Pakistan Updated

Wine Beer Whisky Vodka in Pakistan Updated

New Record: PTI’s Govt has been issuing 15 licences of beer🍺& wine🍷daily from June 2020 to Apr 2022 in Islamabad. Imran Khan’s Govt issued over 11000 licenses of wine, beer, whisky & alcohol🍷🍺 🥃 during the said period. Who got issued these licenses. Did Aleem Khan amended law defending Ahmedis? Did Aleem Khan proposed or voted for the bill of transgenders? If you are putting all crimes on AK, then you should also accuse AK of siring Tyian Khan as well.

Transgender bill parha b he ? It is about providing them with basic rights mere bahi unlike what your liberal PDMs NGO aunties are doing. As for Ahmedi law, they should be able to Vote as Non-Muslims as a Pakistani it’s their right. I am just asking what was the role of Aleem Khan in all these? What’s so wrong in it ?? Alcohol should be regulated. That will be a real scandal. A question: is there ONE thing that PTI_-Imran Govt did in 3.5 years that was legal and free of corruption. I think that the only people who need to be worried about this are the bootleggers and the police who benefit from the black market.

For comparison purpose, also list how many licences were issued in old Pmln and PPP govts. And how many licences were issued after Imran Khan’govt. Just giving half information to malign one politician will only harm your own reputation. Do Corruption is only linked with PTi or you people are just targeting them I haven’t seen you are doing many other exclusive stories about other institutions & Parties. Hard to see your favourite journalist turned against Partisan. If Rs.1 crore is paid as rishwat per license it would amount to a total of Rs.11,000 crore. Irrelevant when coming from the channel operated by a land grabber himself who when couldn’t achieve his filthy motives joined the gang of crooks who are imposed on people of Pakistan by their enablers. I hope this clears your confusion.

Btw can you interpret the hizyan this Shama lady has written can anyone with a right mind apprehend this? He made cases on the guy, issued red warrant using interpol (phuppo ki company) and forces him to buy something which he demanded 5million and an underpressure guy bargains. Please double verify, if list contains Aleem Khan name you will be fired. PL check my name as well. Everything is possible from your investigation. The Joy-Land is banned on *Joyless-Land* unfortunately. Censored, without watching the Film, what a tragedy for culture and art industry. Hope sanity will prevail and artists will stand united to convince the authorities to get this movie released by Nov 19. Best wishes.

Pakistani alcohol brands are quite few when it comes to beer wine and whiskey in Pakistan and they are very cheap too.


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