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Tell Elon if he takes his badge and swipes it really hard, over & over, it should work. It’s just him. Not trying hard enough. He’s not putting in the long hours. interesting. I remember one of my colleagues tightening the security on his own hard drive by setting the “deny to anyone” access on the full c: disk. Guess what happened. Elmo being locked out might be the only thing that saves Twitter. I run a coffee shop near the HQ and I can vouch seeing Alex running excited with a badge strapped around his neck. How does one “Accidentally locked themselves out” even possible? Aren’t they connected to the system? This is what happens when you have a boss for an amateur to work in a high company that has not experienced anything in it.

I heard Ligma & Johnson were stuck in the cafeteria, unable to badge out, and all of the breakfast staff have of course been laid off. Are you leaving them locked out or charging $10,000 per minute? is this a hostage negotiation situation or a salary negotiation? I hope this is true. I don’t know why EVERY Twitter employee just doesn’t walk out and leave Musk hanging with a $44B mistake. I was laid off from Twitter today. Oh wait, I laid down and took a nap. Now I’m back on. Twitter is going nowhere, much to my demise. I was working late. The security guard locked me in. Could not get a hold of boss. Called the police. They came pointing guns at me. It was unreal. Twitter employees good luck. Dave from Customer Experience got shot because they thought his stapler was a gun.

I don’t know what is true anymore here on Twitter. You believe a tweet and later find out that it was a prank. It says a lot about your character that you went back to help out despite being in a tough situation (I’ve been there). I wish you the very best in your future endeavors. It sounds like a lot of you do not support or respect the new owner. The only option open to him in these circumstances is to get rid of you. I’d do it in an instant too. A new boss has got to be able to steer the ship with hearts and minds behind them and its surreal. Someone got angry and started sabotage maybe. Yea sounds like there will be issues next, few months whilst they employee new people. Not sure why people are leaving. Maybe do what he says and they’ll be very rich on next public offering.

Make him sign a contract where he cannot let you go under any circumstances or risk paying a very very high penalty fee that is sufficient for you to retire comfortably. Well you can go in make a few bucks to pay the bills or you say no thanks. I’ve learned a long time ago it’ll get done with you or without you. I don’t get why you would help him. He laid you off without considering the consequences and you just taught him there are no consequences. How will he learn? A couple of years ago, the company my husband was VP of Finance/Treasury at let him go to save on payroll. They had 50M of loans go into default because they didn’t realize no one else had treasury clearance. Penny wise, pound foolish and bad.

Good one. Once I was laid off replaced by contractors from India. They sold to the company that my position should be outsourced and they could do it. After showing the guy what I do, as I was leaving he said, can I have your phone number? I said. What? No, in this country when you leave a job you’re gone. I heard later they replaced me w/4 people, they had no clue how much work I did & I heard the companies managers who relied on me were mad because no one in person could help them and they had to call India for assistance. You’re lucky you didn’t get real-fired (no severance) for complaining publicly like this. The manager of managing badge access sounds more professional. And I too was laid off from Twitter today with no notice. I was the lead software engineer responsible for pushing random adult content when you are using Twitter at public places. Wish me luck.

Except in this case it’s more like you locked yourself in the coffin and fired the guy whose job it was to dig you up when you rang that tiny bell.


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