Najiba Faiz Viral Video Leaked Very Hot

Najiba Faiz Viral Video Leaked Very Hot

Another latest video of Najiba Faiz is here. Najiba Faiz viral video leaked is very hot and worth watching for everyone. She is not only pretty and graceful but she is also very engaging and is free of any obstacles and she shares everything online on whatsapp and twitter.

Najiba Faiz is a big soccer fan too and enjoying the world cup in Qatar and sharing her sentiments. Network effects are incredibly hard to break and Twitter, built on a follow graph rather than on a friend graph, has the most powerful network effect in social. Twitter isn’t going anywhere unless they shut the site down and keep it off. It’s more pure (no social pressure to follow), has more edges, takes much longer to build, and is based on genuine interest across cyberspace rather than from pre-existing real world relationships. But once built it’s a more accurate information router and harder to replace.

Side note, to all of you who subscribed to my Youtube channel, thank u. I’m currently working on my blueprint, it’s gonna take some time, but once I’m up and running I can guarantee u lots of entertainment, insight and fun. Stay tuned. Didn’t expect you of all people to call it soccer. If we are going full American. we should call cricket World cup..
Not Baseball World cup.

Not only Americans, south africans, canadians, kiwis often say soccer too. Here is favorite of list of Najiba Faiz viral video favorite:

  • Bukayo saka
  • Mo.salah
  • Sadiyo mane
  • Messi
  • Ronaldo
  • Ronaldo nazario
  • Pirlo
  • Xavi

Most powerful? Doesn’t Instagram and YouTube have the same “follow graph”? What makes Twitter’s network effects stronger than other platforms? Twitter has less users (which is telling) and a lower barrier to competition (YouTube requires more infrastructure). Thoughts? I don’t think the argument is that Twitter will shut itself off. Twitter is software and under-maintained software software tends to break. The question is if they’ll be able to keep it running given their staffing levels. They will, it’s not hard. Just takes a few good engineers. More engineers is not equal to better when some are literally 1000x more capable than others.

Network Effect + Anthimeria. “Anthimeria or antimeria is the use of a word in a new grammatical form, usually using a noun as a verb. If this happens, it is usually a sign that your brand or product has become a household brand and chances are you are dominating the industry.” Follow graph spreads like wildflower. Nobody controls anything. Friend graph spreads like a controlled burn. Each friend limits what can be burnt. Very interesting indeed. You’re a great person. You have changed several young minds and made them more focused on money. They’re so scared to be in the Matrix and work like rats…at least now everyone’s trying. Also your dad would be really proud of you how you re strong against the entire matrix alone.


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