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All these Pakistani makeup brands buy makeup from ali express and sell it with their name. Sure do that. But know how bad it is for your skin in the longer run. BEWARE! merium is bit perplexed in this case for sure. These brand include: beautify by amna and merium pervaiz cosmetics. I feel guilty for not buying Pakistani products and getting my products from abroad. But instances like these are a reminder that they suck and I shouldn’t be wasting money on local brands. That’s another case. When it’s about makeup, one should be careful because it can cause serious health problems. Someone got me a foot cream before my marriage and the first time I put it on my feet my toes burnt, like my pinkies were red and swollen. Never again.

Chemical products are a big no for ladies, but brush and other accessories should be fine. I work in this area, majority local brands source from china. 4000 ka eyeshadow palette. Woh bhi China ka. Fraud hain saare. Luscious Cosmetics own all of their own formulas, produced in Taiwan, Korea, Italy depending on the product. Not Alibaba sourced like the above-mentioned brands. Hope that clarifies. I read about Marium pervaiz and her scam with the makeup. Extreme cheap buying , rebranding (is it ethical though?) and selling at higher prices. If they are getting it from China then it’s highly toxic and standard stuff. Just saw merium peevez’s story she said this time MALL zyada aega she put screenshot of girl asking how to order.

Merium pervaiz cosmetics is running upon scam but I’ve tried beautify by Amna’s products they’re way too good, Ive overheard they have their industry installed nearby Sheikhupura. Not just make up products, cloths, shoes, accessories, almost everything. But its not always a bad thing. If a brand can ensure that only the best quality product reach their customers, I think it’s okay. But it isn’t always the case. Also, most foreign brands also doing the same. If google where your favorite brands products are made. You will find China as the answer to most of them. I also don’t like to spend money on these local brands coz I’m not sure if they are providing safe makeup for our skin.

It basically works like this: you get options of different vendors from diff countries, they produce and send you the items, you have to test them out yourself first and then choose the one you think is best and put your label on it and sell it. Then obviously it depends on you whether you choose a cheap or expensive one ,and obviously cheap ones are very harmful because they are not formed or tested properly and mostly people choose cheaper just for the sake of more money, and we have the example of merium pervaiz right here, im not sure about bb by amna because as far as i know they do run production factories in our country as well also i dont get why no body talked about merium pervaiz before ,that lady has been taking PRs from brands with fake/harmful makeup and then advertising them for so long, clearly knowing they are health hazards.

Just saw this one video someone shared of exposing merium pervaiz about she is selling makeup with her name. Avoid wasting your money on Beautify by Amna. It depends what quality you procure. China supplies cosmetics all over the world. We never hide the origin of our products from our customers. don’t even buy international brands from here because u never know whether its fake or real. It’s scary how we don’t monitor whit our girls are doing to their face with substandard beauty product. These people should be exposed for this. know someone who do the same. Manufacturing real cosmetic is not an easy job. Many famous businesses in Pakistan are taking makeup from Chinese and packing in their customize package and selling on 500-600% profit. Obviously their quality is cheap and cause skin diseases.

Speaking from my own bad experience for supporting local brands. My mum always says “bring up to the level of these international brands, and we’ll buy” when people say ban/avoid international brands for household/ drinks/cosmetics etc. I think its time we learn to start differentiating between “Vicholia” and Startup. Have seen many calling themselves Entrepreneurs while being mere opportunist Traders. Pakistan doesn’t even have a factory with that kind of technology n knowledge that it requires.

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