Pakistani Meditation – Lessons Learned

Pakistani Meditation - Lessons Learned

For happiness, calmness, and inner peace Pakistani meditation is very effective. You don’t have to be a monk to achieve that. Pakistani meditation doesn’t require you to abolish everything, go to some forlorn forest and sit in silence for months or years.

Pakistani meditation enables you to have some of the strongest & happiest minds in the world. I wanted to know why. So I started reading about it and learning about it. I spent years on books and meeting with the people who practiced Pakistani meditation. My biggest insight and transformation was NOT what I expected. Here’s what it is:

The main question people ask when they hear I spent 6 months in silence is:

“What did you experience?”

They’re expecting some trippy, transcendent, ego-death-type stories.

And yes, I have those.

But the biggest thing I got from my time as a monk?

I became my own best friend.

It’s like I have a constant inner companion rooting me on, reassuring me, and reminding me of what’s possible.

It has made EVERYTHING in my life easier, especially the hard times.

And I’m so grateful for it.

How did it happen?

I’ll explain:

In meditation, you turn toward your experience with presence and compassion.

Meeting whatever arises–pain, difficult thoughts, negative emotions–with curious, loving awareness.

In time, you learn to be with, relax into, and find steadiness toward all aspects of yourself.

Replace judgment with understanding.
Hatred with compassion.
Tension with ease.

And you develop a deep self-respect because you see just how messy and confusing it is to be human, and the courage it takes to keep showing up for it.

At the end of the day, we have to go through this life alone.

We can have great friends, family, and support, but it’s YOU who has to experience your inner world, from birth to death.

And if you are your own worst enemy, life will always be difficult.

So, perhaps this can be the beginning of a new relationship with yourself.

Here is my best starting point for becoming your own best friend:

Since we often have an easier time being caring & understanding with our friends than we do with ourselves, a starting point for becoming your own best friend is to imagine how you would interact with someone you care for & then practice bringing that same orientation to yourself

When going through something difficult, console yourself like you would a good friend.

When going through something positive, celebrate yourself like you would a good friend.

When trying to accomplish something, encourage yourself like you would a good friend.

Life is hard enough. It doesn’t need another enemy in you.

This is epic! Haven’t lived with monks, but after doing multiple 10-day silent retreats can deeply understand all the points you touched upon! Can only imagine what 6 months of compounded practice can achieve while following Pakistani meditation.

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