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Here is step by step free information as how you can viral video whatsapp group join easily and quickly without any issues. Its all about how you enjoy life and make sure that you don’t take it too easily and don’t fall for any issue which you face in day to day life.

This is a good time to reshare these 2 pictures. Please, let’s make them go viral. Share in your WhatsApp groups etc. Things you’ll actually wear. Every. Day. And you’ll feel good. I’ve lived in Sindh, Punjab, KP and Islamabad. But with all honesty I must confess that the best whatsapp viral vidoes ever is in Quetta. No comparison. It is just too good. They are good in quality and they are also funny and entertaining. That’s cause they focus on bringing out the flavors in their meats not the spices Just like the best stakes simply have salt and pepper searing and medium rare.

At least mention name of dishes so i can try whenever I’ll be there.
My rankings are as
1. KP
2. Balochistan
3. Sindh
4. Punjab

Congratulations to Gen Sahir Shamshad Mirza as new CJCSC & Gen Syed Asim Munir as new COAS. We hope new mly ldrship will work to end prevailing trust deficit that has built up in last 8 months between the nation and the State. Strength of the State is derived from its people. Thank you so much IK for the well wish, this is the gesture we were expecting from you. As said by Abraham Lincoln: “Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people”. I am in Quetta since 17th October.. the food is awesome ,the people are very much hospitable, mountains are Barren but mesmerizing. In love with Quetta. And the weather of quetta make you eat much,don’t get fat sir g, u r amazing in this body shape.

Would still rate Karachi the best due to the variety and range. Having said that, the best mutton kaRahi (Quetta is way ahead in mutton overall) taste I still remember was from Mir Afzal Hotel on Circular road near Regal plaza in Quetta. Do try it whenever you get a chance. I want to report this tweet to some higher authorities, please mention the handle.
Late night foodie posts. You r one of my public servant, so I am requesting to eat from your Halal salary and hope you are doing as. More, know that their r many great benefits are allowed at that level, but please try to save all those which are so essential & unavoidable. Agree, its not the spices that makes food tasty but the manner to cook with authenticity to preserve taste of the item we eat.

Karachi vs Lahore ka chakkar he khatam ker diya. I’ve never been to Quetta and never had the food 🙁 Someone should invite me there. I’d share this legendary food trophy with Peshawar.Both Peshawar n Quetta have no comparison in food supremacy. Reasons of Balochistan lagging behind; they kept their bureaucracy happy and cared hood about progress and development of their province. I have many times to Balochistan, quetta to musakhel, harnai, dukki, from mastung to dalbandin, nokundi, its just fabolous feeling. Hospitality, food and people, all are awesome and welcoming. I wish you best of luck and lovely stay at Quetta. Laandi or Kaddhi kabab is a specialty of Balochistan, so definitely no other place can offer you this quality. Apart from it, KP has a huge variety of unique cuisines to please your taste buds. I can see the “painda” in your plate, it is southern KP specialty.

It tastes more better when bought from own pocket rather than enjoyed on Sarkari meal parties. Lovely Food, such food deserves a Trip to Quetta. Hope to visit Quetta someday. Their hospitality and their friendship is the best among all.


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