Gender Identity in Pakistan

Its good to see that gender identity in Pakistan is gaining attention thanks to the social media. Gender identity is a big topic across the world these days and Pakistan is no exception. Homosexuality is neither a maghribi amal nor a maghribi saazish. Heterogeneity in sexual & gender identity is a universal human condition. If this shocks, triggers or provokes you, pls seek awareness & education on this, and make an effort to cleanse yourself from indoctrination.

Some people argue that “it’s a love and you can love anyone you want”. But, it’s a tricky statement to catch people’s attention. If you can love (sexually) anyone you want then why a son can’t sleep with his mother? Why a father can’t sleep his daughter? asked this question many a times but no homosexual answered to this question of mine. And neither can a Neanderthal like you answer it. You didn’t answer my question too. I asked that if love is free from all boundaries then why a daughter can’t love her mother homosexually while we see this in nature like in animals etc? You don’t look different from one though. Gender expression’ is the term that should be used. I conceptualize it like a pyramid. Sex at the base, gender above, then gender expression at the top. It’s more people claim a unique gender identity as a substitute for personality. What’s a math symbol for substitution? So far I’ve never met anyone who announces their pronouns, identity and dining habits to be the least bit interesting or worth talking too.

Read Oedepus by Soppocles. Opens all the paths why it cannot be so. It’s not sexuality sheer depravity. Natural Rights are not for depravity but natural instincts. Depravity is a trajectory of mental thought which is self destructive. Are you, a so-called student of biochemistry, pretending you don’t know why incest is a bad idea? Incest is considered Immoral because It doesn’t allow the Child to develop his/her feelings completely . Love between Parent/Child is considered the Epitome of love and should always be considered Sacred. The phrase “mental disorder” is uttered onto homosexuals as well by straights. Do you remember? Listen to Ghamidi sahib’s lectures on this subject. Regardless of your religious school of thought, you will gain a lot of new insight into that story.

Same sex relations are Haram in my religion and I will keep stating it as it is. Seriously? It’s an “apocryphal story” mashaAllah mashaAllah what a strong grip you have on this matter. Yes, I have a right to interpret my faith. You are right homosexuality is not maghribi amal but accepting it is. Yes, this is universal human condition. The question here arise how all human will get rid from this condition. It’s called Maghribi amal because it’s practiced mostly & freely in the Western countries. Homosexuality in the human nature but we can’t do everything that our human nature keeps in itself. The selection of what to do and what not to do differentiates us from the animals.

Some people argue that “it’s a love and you can love anyone you want”. But, it’s a tricky statement to catch people’s attention. If you can love (sexually) anyone you want then why a son can’t sleep with his mother? Why a father can’t sleep his daughter? Consent in the context of misbalanced power dynamics comes into play in cases of incest. “Gender identity” doesn’t exist. It’s a fiction people write about themselves. Teaching it to children is damaging and a doorway to destructive grooming. I tried defining gen iden: To identify as something is to be ‘the same as’. It doesn’t mean ‘to be’ – it means ‘to be the same as’. Gender then could mean ‘kind of’ or ‘version of’ in relation to biological sex. So gender identity is ‘the version of sex that I am the same as’. It’s not based on the correspondence theory of truth. Therefore, it is indeed fiction.

They teach it to pre-pubescent children, causing confusion and forcing them to believe they have to CHOOSE an identity! Not natural. I still see lots of gender roles and stereotypes used throughout history. Kids are expected to make their gender part of their identity from birth to adulthood. Girls like pink and grow up to be moms/wives, boys like blue and grow up to go to work and be head of the household. Boys must be tough, athletic and powerful and Girls are suppose to be gentle, domestic and supportive. Boys are never suppose to be interested in femininely interests like ballet, make-up, fashion, dolls or cute stuff, or they mocked for being a “sissy” because famine is inferior. More than a doorway. They’re in charge of distributing the crumbs to Hansel and Gretel.

As I’ve been saying, they have coopted the esoterically reading of personalities via “zodiac signs” into gender ideology. You can respect an individual’s personality but they can’t mandate arbitrarily made-up synopsis of one’s personal feelings to the public. That’s narcissism. I don’t know anything about the spammed image, but I do know what a guilt by association logical fallacy is. So in these comments we all see a concerted effort to silence dissent through spam. This strategy not only doesn’t win anyone over it violates the TOS. And thinking of the categorical imperative, do these spammers want their voices silenced in this manner? No, it’s hypocrisy. I agree wholeheartedly you can just be a girl that likes boy stuff or a boy that likes girl stuff without identifying as the opposite gender.

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