Pakistani Girl Ayesha Viral Dance Video Hot

Ayesha for her guts to openly say that everyone gossips about Azeem and he does it too. ADK ram kum semma serupadi. A day full of Pakistan girl Ayesha viral dance video, can’t complain really. Today is awesome.

November 26 Episode is entitled as ‘Don’t Play Safe’ in Hotstar & the Host Warned Contestants for their Safer Game in Reasoning. Not gonna lie, I teared up when Ayesha started crying as soon as door closed. She’s trying so hard not to break down like it happened when Sherina Hope she stays strong. You’re more of a good person than a player. good luck for your future, Queency. Who is right, whose favor will you take? Housemates slowly realizing ADK is a double face. A man from Mumbai Arsalan khan totally nailed it, “Mera dil ye pukare aaja”, after the video of a Pakistani girl Ayesha.

I am a Pavni fan myself but this season need someone like Ciby or Raju to sarcastically handle the Clowns of this season Azem , Aumdha , Adk like Abhisek. Seriously Handling these clowns has only gave them more mileage. The more you guys trying to register her bad or throw tantrum on her the more we love her. Ayesha openly accepting her flaws and apologizing for it shows her character. Pakistani girl Ayesha viral dance video is very cool and whatever she is anger but she Comeback like tiger. Ayesha Amjad played cat and mouse with FBR for four years. FBR showed dissatisfaction with the source of income, mode of acquisition, concealment of properties, and transfer of assets as gifts from her spouse.

According to some Neil stans ayesha was kissing aria. Just check the video and see it’s aria who actually did it and when she was about to kiss next time ayesha moved back. Aria is just 5 year kid and kids in this age usually kiss in lips. Ayesha makes Vikraman run. She says it doesn’t matter if she locks him or not, but she wants Vikraman to stop being lazy and move around. Ayesha loses it for the second time in one day. Time to get counseling which has shown success. Dhana says that Ayesha changed her behavior after Azeem became captain. Azeem has finally moved on from Ayesha and changed his target to Janany? Illa verum temporary target ah? Janany mani kita chicken keta nu 100 times register panitan.

Vikraman is trying to register he is an progressive thinker and great revolutionist. That’s why he bring Ayesha to the stage and registering he is uththaman. Ayesha asked heartfelt sorry already, still he is doing it means, He is having Such an cheap mind set. Ayesha for her guts to openly say that everyone gossips about Azeem and he does it too. ADK ram kum semma serupadi.

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