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roadside assistance pakistan

We all know about roadside eatery and roadside café in Pakistan but what about roadside assistance in Pakistan. In the big cities like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad you might find some sort of roadside assistance but in remote areas it’s non-existent. Insurance companies in Pakistan which offer roadside assistance are pretty sketchy so its all about knowing the right mechanic in the right location at the right time.

Roadside assistance works a bit differently in Pakistan. For correction of the record; this is the process of lifting & moving of wrong/unnecessarily parked vehicles to a more appropriate space to ensure smooth traffic flow of routes by traffic police personnel, alongside penalty/fine for the driver for traffic violation as per the law. To move the car you use tow truck and not forklifts. Well for how long a wrong parked vehicle to be towed? It will be lifted to clear the road for smooth flow for traffic. It will be dropped at nearby police checkpoint to emboss penalty fine.

I only see bikes of Pakistani people same bike every where and only 70cc. Strange I’m lahori but never saw such group of only 70cc bikes. Virtually zero health and safety rules there. He doesn’t have to lift that high. It looks scary. Scary to the guy whose car that is. He will Get a challan over it. If Issue escalates then car is confiscated and then court order needed so to get it from police station. And courts aren’t open on weekends. So a scary and worrisome situation. Did you felt any insecurity during this process? I read somewhere that Carola is one of the most famous cars in Pakistan. Not surprise to see multiple Carolas on the road even in this short video. Must say, Pakistanis have got great taste in cars. Toyota.

Why not tow truck’s like we rest of the countries, in case hydraulics’ of forklift fails then the car will get damaged badly. Way I remember it, these guys come and take your car away if your parked in a wrong place rather than roadside assistance, so looks like this guys in trouble rather than getting help. If it was in the uk the road would have been blocked traffic stopped for at least 2 hours. My fear is that little go-kart of a forklift will tip over with slight weight imbalance. It’s kept roadside assistance. It’s calling “towing” illegal parked car. I’m sure if you slip a few quid to the officer they may bring it down. If you don’t follow Rule and law, so this thing gonna be happen. Well, then u haven’t seen what happens in Karachi.. same pattern but instead driver drives in reverse. Great skills though.

People are now being booked for wrong parking in Lahore. This is a lenient enforcement of law in Pindi. Love how everyone just drives around the forklift, we can’t even filter in when a lane is closed. That’s equivalent of being towed away – the car was wrongly parked. People here park anywhere and everywhere. This a gentle reprimand for them. Once baba left me and aapi in the car to buy fruits when this guy came he saw us in the car and left. It means out-of-the-box solutions to complicated issues! No AAA there. Enjoy. My mom taking me to bed after I fell asleep on the sofa. I think the assumption is that this is some form of “assistance”. You can’t park there mate, we’re playing a test match on here. I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying yourselves in Pakistan. Very happy to have you here.

Actually, they are traffic wardens and this car was parked in No parking Area. Thats why they picked it up, now the owner of this car have to pay fine and then he will get his vehicle back. They are impounding the car of wrong parking. Just imagine the felling of the owner of the car , he definitely got a heart attack. You will never know what happens next, a usual Pakistani thing. It’s actually more convenient than having big trucks blocking the damn roads (Especially in USA).

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