Sidra Humaid Scam Complaint Help Line Phone

If you are one of victim of Sidra Humaid scam and want to lodge a complaint then help is here and you can call the helpline. I know many ladies and gents have become target of this scam of Sidra Humaid who on Facebook has milked people.


Committee organizer Sidra Humaid announced bankruptcy, assuring women that she will return their money. Wait does that mean uska naam sidra humaid nahin hai? It could be anything. Pakistani women lost millions of rupees in this online committee system as Entrepreneur Sidra Humaid announces bankruptcy.

Hundreds of Pakistani women have reportedly lost millions of rupees in an online committee system, led by a woman named Sidra Humaid. Almost a week ago, after years of running an online committee system, Humaid issued a public apology and announced that she had gone bankrupt. Sidra Humaid sounds like a name that you use when you have to set up your 100th Gmail account and you’ve run out of names. There is a girl on fb sidra humaid who announced bankruptcy 3 days back, it’s said that she have did fraud of 49CR. I know a mutual she invested 38Lac and now she is not replying anybody.

3 online businesses, strong social media backing, 117 committees & a scam of 42 crore or even more. Anna Delvey of Pakistan is here. Sidra Humaid declared herself BANKRUPT & mostly women have lost millions of their hard earned money in the name of ‘savings’. That’s why we need financial advise regarding savings through proper channels. Can State Bank of Pakistan regulate such interest free transactions? I know about being sharia compliant committee system. Any other information that women can get help from? McDonald’s effect will be soon, you’ll see these bubbles bursting as we approach towards recession. 420 Millions are nothing, Pakistanis are losing billions in terms of money devaluation.

A horrible tale of embezzlement. Search her name on Facebook. TLDR; spent all the money, tried to rollover debts and pay from new deposits, again spend more money, now announcing bankruptcy. Sidra Humaid scammed naive women for 420 million via facebook and our law enforcement do not want to take legal action because there is no documentation this country is going into shits. Anyway. Talk to you later I am trying to write a 1000 words essay on how we should all aspire to be Sidra Humaid. Pakistani women lose Millions of rupees via various Facebook groups operated by entrepreneur ‘Sidra Humaid’. If you ask moms/dadis they all sound apalled at the idea of being in committees with strangers on the internet, and say they would only ever run them with close relatives/friends. That being said, I’ve read that Sidra Humaid was a staple in many women’s lives. She held dars.

Not sure if i should feel bad for the ladies whose money is confiscated by sidra humaid or be happy that they will finally learn to not trust someone else with their money.


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