Saba Faisal Daughter in Law Real Story

Saba Faisal Daughter in Law Real Story

At last truth is here as Saba Faisal daughter in law real story has been leaked to the media by Neha and Faisal. This is yet another breakup in the family of Pakistani drama celebrities. The Saba Faisal viral video is typical saas baho drama from Pakistani dramas.

Saba Faisal, a senior actress, has cut ties with her son, Salman. She’s also given her son an ultimatum: if he stays with his wife and son, she’ll DISOWN him altogether. Asma Abbas and Zainab Qayoom come forward with their support for Saba Faisal, following her public statement against daughter in law Neha. When a negative woman like Neha comes in a family, the house breaks down, I have been living a very difficult life for the last four years because of my son, I kept thinking how my son will live with such a woman, Actress Saba Faisal.

Our celebrities come forward to show their support to Saba Faisal amidst the recent controversy between Saba Faisal and her daughter in law Neha Salman. Actress Saba Faisal announces to cut ties with son Salman Faisal and daughter in law Neha. Saba Faisal took to Instagram to share that she has cut ties with her son Salman Faisal and daughter-in-law. Neha malik responds to the allegations raised by mother-in-Law Saba Faisal and urges everyone not to believe what may seem glamorous and haram and really out of the way. He said, I will just say that I have no relation with Neha, my son has to live with her, so I, my daughter and my husband also have no relation with her.

Saba Faisal criticises her son and daughter-in-law on social media and asks her followers to be kind to her family. Saba Faisal grooves to the trendy wedding song with a hot dance and then leaked viral video. Saba Faisal has released a video stating to cut ties with her daughter-in-law Neha. She went on to urge the fans to not make decisions based on one-sided stories. Saba Faisal uploaded a video on the social media video sharing application Instagram in which she said that I have never mentioned the private matters of my home but now I have to do it, people are telling me about Neha’s social media posts. They are blaspheming, I have lived a very beautiful life. The actress said that when a negative woman like Neha comes in a family, the house breaks down. I have been living a very difficult life for the last four years because of my son. I kept thinking how my son will live with such a woman. I will not go into much detail but you guys can guess from this video.

Saba faisal’s family having a public fallout, they be disowning each other and everything… just message each other your disowning and estrangement announcements ffs, none of us wants to know this. why is my insta feed filled with it uninvited i don’t even follow any of them. It is sad how these girls ruin ties of a family in such less time. It’s actually very very sad to see how a mother has to upload a video announcing nulling her ties with her son n his wife. Saba Faisal turns out to be the saas , she portrays in dramas and elsewhere. In another news Saba faisal Auntie is disowning her son live on insta right now cox he wants to be with his wife that this auntie doesn’t like.

Saba Faisal using her fame to settle scores with her bahu is peak saas haramipan. If you can’t live with your daughter-in-law, let her live in peace separately but NO, these saasu maas think they OWN their sons. My thoughts and prayers are with Saba Faisal. Life becomes so hard when one person comes into your house, ruins the environment of your home and your son/brother can’t see through that. I totally believe you Saba ji. Arslan faisal son of famous actress Saba faisal opens up about his sister in law Neha. She has been accusing Saba Faisal for being an evil mother in law.


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