Nusrat Javed Daughter Wedding

nusrat javed daughter

I have huge respect for Nusrat Javed, the leading columnist of Pakistan. Nusrat Javed daughter wedding news was broke by Nusrat sahib himself on the social media and we would like to congratulate him on this great auspicious occasion.

This is what Nusrat Javed said on Twitter, “Due to the wedding events of my daughter I took break from column writing. Therefore, no BARMALA today.”

nusrat javed daughter photo wedding

May Allah bless her and your family in every way. Ameen Ya Rabb ul Aalaameen. Congratulations to you and your family on your daughter’s wedding۔ Congratulations and prays for a happy future for Beti. congratulations to you and your family on your daughter wedding and best wishes for you and your daughter. congratulations and prayer for the new wed couple. Nusrat Javed daughter wedding is first good news of the day for me. Masha Allah! Mabrook, May Allah bless both families with love, unity, peace and prosperity. Ameen. Congratulations to you and your family on your daughter’s wedding. May God bless her and her spouse with all the happiness in this world.

Congratulations. Wishing her a blissful, happy marriage. Congratulations for the wedding but we are going to miss your daily master piece. Masha Allah, must be proud moment for your. May Allah keep you and your daughter under His blessings and protection and give your and her success in Dunia and Akhra. Ameen. Congratulations Nusrat Sahib. May Allah bless the newlyweds a happy, prosperous & peaceful life. Ameen. Mubarak ho ap ko, Allah nasseb achy kery. Daughters are the gift of God and in Pakistan it’s a blessing to have a daughter. I wish I could see the Nusrat Javed daughter wedding photos and video and to see how happy the father is.

CONGRATULATIONS sir and may she be a Happiest person of this world Ameen. Congratulations on the big day. Prayers and best wishes for her. Congrats and best wishes sir! May Allah grant all the happiness all her life, you always get good vibes from her inshaAllah. Mubarak and lot of prays for the well-being of your daughter. May happiness always partake in your life and your daughter’s life. Congratulations Nusrat sb. May Allah bless her with eternal good fortune.

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