Mufti Abdul Rahman Murder Wah Cantt DHA Real Story

Mufti Abdul Rahman Murder Wah Cantt DHA

At the end of the brutality, five days ago, a business friend of 24-year-old religious scholar Mufti Abdul Rahman, who graduated from DHA Pindi Phase 2K Hashi and Tablighi Center Roy Winds, was taken from the Wah Cantt office where he was brutally killed. The police are still unable to arrest the killers.

Sadar Wah police station is investigating the case registered in this regard, which is being supervised by senior officers. Special teams have been formed to arrest the accused, who will soon be arrested and brought to justice. How brutal and cruel people are we. May Allah protect us from the evil of such cruel people. The only country in the world of which Generals are also billionaires. The judge is also a billionaire. Politicians are also billionaires. Bureaucrats are also billionaires. Journalists are also billionaires. But the country and the people are poor and beggars. Here is umer hospital wah cantt. This is separate issue from Muqadas Usman.

I am very sorry to hear that. Until all the police in the country are freed from politics and made an independent federal body and the chief is not elected under an automatic system, then the oppressors in the country will continue to disappear, take ransom and kill people in the same way. Will stay. There should be immediate legislation. When a state is established within a state, when there is a government of self-interest and selfishness, when the defenders of the homeland are busy with business, when the judges provide protection to criminals, when the rulers are against the people, when the scholars are seditionists and deceivers. It might be near tehzeeb bakers wah cantt.

This is what will happen in this country. This country is for crooks Explaining a state within a state Where the entry of another person is not possible without permission, you cannot lay hands on these persons from outside the state in which the law is applicable. Whose banks, their police, their land and property for living, in their eyes, only they are superior. People also make business relations And take precautions while making partnerships Most of the businessmen have gone bankrupt due to luxury and the resin drips on seeing the new income.

I don’t have 99% trust in Punjab police, they can’t restore trust as long as they remain honest and good manners and one phone call away and bribery. Such cruel people, I request from my government, the murderers should be punished by hanging, such a young child was killed with such brutality, someone is very weak-hearted. The killing of one person is the killing of all humanity. Killing is always done by cowards who do not have the courage to fight back. Parents who nurture their children may not know this animal. Dogs never thought it would be someone’s son, father, brother, friend. It’s just a pity. This murder in wah cantt is horrendous.

We people have fallen so much, humanity should be ashamed, we consider it a duty to kill, the law of Allah has been openly challenged, we Muslims have invited the punishment of Allah by ourselves. told the way and we moved away from Islamic values.

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