Why Pakistanis are Leaving the Country in Thousands

I made the decision to come back to Pakistan after my Masters but looking at where this country is heading, I genuinely can’t seem to comprehend why I thought it was a good decision at the time. It makes complete sense that more than 700 thousand people left last year.

Not only the country question but also one’s individual values and how things are done here and the things one wants to do and the conflicts in there. Well you still have time to move out. Germany is offering visas for skilled workers, canada is desperate for human development grads, USA is always open. Also Qatar. If you are educated, you always have options, tons of options. You don’t always have an option. Finances, family obligations, opportunities, all factor in. I’ve made peace with my decision. Just saying I understand the rush to escape.

From what i have gathered, its literally one MAJBOORI or the other thats keeping people here. Given the choice, we all wouldve bailed by now. My dear honourable madam but the bitter truth s that they are those persons who didn’t got good government job in Pakistan and then they left there family members and friend for the money and power. And the majority of people who r nw settled n abroad r those tht they didn’t got grade 11 or 12 clerk type of job and Pakistan. Charity begins at home, if you can’t love yo Country to the fullest then eve if you move to the entire world,you will never be at ease.

Loving your country and accepting that its heading down a path that is extremely bleak, are two separate things. But be the change that will move yo country to the next level. There is a general sense of despondency amongst people and they don’t see light at the end of the tunnel anymore. I really wish I could, though. Why you came back? You should pursue your career and marriage there. Only if I could go back in time and tell my late father about this for India. Only if. Did you go back to Pakistan because of family? Besides family there really isn’t a good reason to move back to Pakistan for most people.

No, I genuinely moved back because I wanted to live and work here, make a difference. I was a lot more naive back then lol. You made the wrong decisions in view of bad situations in pak though but european countries can’t bear the more islamists coming from subcontinent or from arabs. Recent Survey conducted by PIDE reveals the severity of Brain Drain in Pakistan. Top-intellectual brass is leaving this state, brain drain at its peak. Politicians without any strategy, just trying to undermine each other.

Last night I had the opportunity to pray Infront of the Kaaba after 24 years. I can’t describe the feeling of being here after a long long time. I pray that may Allah bless everyone with the opportunity to visit Kaaba.

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