Khwab Mein Apni Shadi Dekhna Tabeer Matlab

Here is the detail of meaning of Khwab Mein Apni Shadi Dekhna. It’s actually quite auspicious and very nice thing to have in your dreams. In Pakistan and in the religion the tabeer of seeing one’s marriage in dream is very refreshing.

Tabeer is here.

The country is economically drowning yet the shadi season is in full swing. People dancing & having parties with restaurants and malls full. Feels like Titanic is sinking but the band is still playing. Trying to save myself from the hate I am getting for this would be hard but what to do is you see Khwab Mein Apni Shadi Dekhna. Whats the tabeer of this khawab. Is it good or bad? Madam in situations the villagers even dnt cook single dish like rice in sucb hard time you are talking about elite industrialist. You are absolutely right. And that is exactly what I meant. More than a half country is starving yet there is a show of extravagant big weddings. Thank you for saying it out loud. That’s actually a great information to know.

It should be said strictly, not lightly. This behaviour tells that we as a nation are insensitive and don’t give a damn about what is happening to our country. Not my place to be strict as I hold no authority or position. Even the lighter note isn’t taken that well. Cant you see? Yeah, sadly. No one wants to be criticized nowadays even if it is constructive and this will be hard. It’s not shadis, parties & restaurants that drain your foreign reserves, but imports of unnecessary/luxury goods when you’re barely exporting anything other than some mangoes & rice. The shadis, parties and everyday lives have the imported stuff. The demand comes from there mostly. The reason I said this isn’t that they shouldn’t celebrate but we should start investing in our industries to have things exported as you said.

Not sure guests at these events are served with American kababs or British biryani, but 100% sure that almost everyone of these guests has a smart phone (none manufactured in Pak). Why? It can never be explained in a single tweet. Khu bas khudey di raham oki pa mulk. Those kababs and dishes made on stoves which too are imported. Served on plates that are imported. The lights are imported. The glasses are. The list goes on. The tweet isnt an attack on the shadi industry. Just a kind reminder of what a mess this country is becoming and happening. The true meaning is that the rich still have enough money for extravagance while the poor r dying of hunger! The unnecessary money spend on weddings can go towards helping the poor. Tell us a time in history when we didn’t heard this news that the country is drowning? People have learned to live with this news now.

The awaam is doing enough to keep the country afloat. U surely can’t expect people giving up the little personal happiness left to further save econ. that the corrupt govt. drained. Please remember that lots get livelihood through these events; jobs that the govt. failed to create. I never said anyone has to give up on their personal happiness. Just the extravagant events getting crazier day by day. The tweet is in a lighter tone. Good concern. Just a suggestion; to send a strong message to PAK society, why don’t big names like yours start not attending the BIG shadi events and encourage simple Wedding events. Can we do this please? Initially l had the same feelings as you but after doing my HOMEWORK l realised that it’s a huge business which gives employment to many people and people earn there bread and butter through it. From clothes to food to music to catering a lot of people benefit from this.

Maybe because it’s not drowning and you’ve been drinking the insafi kool aid. This is actually a gap between Lower Class and Upper Class people that’s increasing day by day, which is not a good sign for the Economy and Society. As long as we forget the Islamic values and continue to follow alternatives ways according to our wishes, our original destination is destined to be far away. Keeping Shaadi ecnomid sector in full bloom. What is the problem here? Why not criticise the government for this ?? Who is responsible for this mess ? Or a blind eye for all this mess? Oh yea our economic growth as per World bank is almost the same. Would love to know more about SA, because in Pak it is the wedding season & the expenditure is just crazy. People are starving generally & more due to flood, but we have to throw extravagant weddings. An economist can in fact explain this contrast. Actually a huge chunk of undocumented economy perhaps is the reason of this puzzle. Affluent class is huge in Pakistan. They range from upper upper middle class to filthy rich class. Country’s economy does not match theirs.

You’re absolutely right. I’ve observed the same. For some reasons story of Prophet Yousuf A.S. keeps popping up in my head, when he predicted severe droughts in coming years. Only few paid attention & did necessary preparations. Majority ignored & eventually suffered.


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