pakistani ladkiyan whatsapp group phone number

pakistani ladkiyan whatsapp group phone number

Pakistani ladkiyan whatsapp group ke phone number are available here for free and either you can do dosti or you can do the rishta. Its up to you. But remember that show respect and get respect in return as nothing is without respect and regard.

List of Pakistani Ladkiyan

Pakistani ladkiyoon ke naam ki list latest and updated for 2023 and beyond is also available here. From Karachi to Lahore, and from Rawalpindi to Islamabad, from Quetta to Peshawar and from Multan to Attock Pakistani ladkiyan available, and Muqadas Usman is one of them.

There is no use of these broken leaks, first spread this statement in the media that the gifts did not go to Tosha Khana, then this broken leak that they came from Tosha Khana. You are saying that if you take pictures of the things that are brought inside the house, then the news inside will also come out. Dogs and Murad Saeed also come inside. Now it’s proven that Imran Khan is the most honest & sincere leader in the universe who is working diligently on the path laid down by our MURSHID, Bushra Bibi. The list of scandals involving Bushra Bibi has been growing lately. Earlier we were told that the first lady had no role in politics.

The alleged audio is probably the audio of Inam Khan in charge of Murshid and Bani Gala, in which Inam is reprimanding K-up. Why are you making a picture of the items brought from Tosha Khana? They are saying that the military secretary is sending things by trusting us. How are you taking the picture? and who have heard Bushra Bi Bi to confirm the audio was genuine. PTI must start leaking Maryam audio from when there is no way of authentication no politicians will be safe and Mulana voice is very easy to mimic. One sided audio leaks. How come no one raises the queation of privacy of sitting PM? This is a serious security breach. So Imran Khan got few gifts from Tosha Khana. What is the big deal. And Bushra Bibi is such a brave lady and in this audio that is any genuine person would react especially a wife. Perfectly normal to get angry. More than anything this audio increase the respect of Bushra Bibi. This is typical of Pakistani ladkiyan whatsapp group.

Her work is totally Apolitical. Steal the money irrespective of where it came from. She has , however،yet a long way to go and match Bhuttos-Zardari-sharif trio score for that matter. These scandals are financial. They are not political. It would however be different if her role in Punjab Govt comes out. Seems she have one point agenda that Grab all tosha Khana gifts at any cost. She work hard for this. Only Imran Khan can be given benefit of doubt for his wife’s activities otherwise husbands are responsible for their wife’s acts. He can get away with everything. So what now you’re going to prove even with this audio of Pakistani ladkiyan whatsapp group? Bushra Bibi’s actions proved that Imran Niazi and his family are people of very small character. Bushra Bibi used Prime Minister House for his corruption and theft.

“Murshad” you have to answer about Toshakhana. Pinki Bushra Bibi, Farah Gogi and Fitna Khan, you can’t run Soo easily. You guy’s not only had sold the “Watch ” , You guys had sold the honor and assets of Pakistan. Another purported audio leak of PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi over Toshakhana gifts has come to the fore in which she can be heard talking to former administrator of Bani Gala residence. Pakistani ladkiyan viral video leaked on whatsapp group and Twitter and this scandal is huge and the name list is growing for this year. Bushra Bibi, the former first lady, can be heard grumbling at Bani Gala’s former administrator Inam Khan for making pictures of Toshakhana gifts, calling him out for not taking permission from her.

If they took the gifts from the proper channel, then why are they getting angry on the pictures of the gifts, because the pictures are proof, this audio confirms our story that these gifts did not go to Tosha Khana but went straight to Imran Khan’s house and this There are billions of gifts. Take pictures of the things going from Bani Gala, not the things coming in. In order to take pictures of the antiquities coming from the Toshakhona, Pinky banned the entry of Inam Khan, the caretaker of Bani Gala. It is the right of Imran Khan’s wife to give instructions to the employees regarding the personal affairs and security of the house. Attacking women is a tradition of the League, but the question here is who was taping the Prime Minister’s secure line and who is now leaking these audios for his own purpose?


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