Groom Pakistani Men Facial Hair Styles

To all the men who love to talk about makeup being deceptive and changing a woman’s appearance, have you seen what FACIAL HAIR CAN DO FOR A MAN? I have seen men going from a teenage looking chipmunk to Thor’s desi cousin. Yeh fraud nahin? Groom Pakistani facial hair is not a joke.

Absurd conclusion. We have better things to do… Facial hairs make us beautiful and they are natural. Now go tell your husband to take his wig off. Why are men discussing ladies makeup period? Don’t they have better convos to have? Please don’t try to make a laugh out of men’s facial hair. It is sunnah to keep a beard and indirectly or so not, you are talking about it. What rubbish in both arguments. Indeed sillier to compare the two things even. well, i didn’t knew makeup was natural. It’s till much less deceptive than makeup. Makeup is so deceptive, it hides every flaw in the subjects appearance. It must be a crime to hide real appearance in public.

Well, this argument has a lot of fallacies, it’s quite similar to comparing apples and oranges, as both can’t be equated. There is no comparison both are different. Beard is naturally grown hair whereas makeup is artificial. Not the one who is on makeup is deceptive but the beard comment is a low blow. The one thing going for us and u want that to be controversial as well. Beard is a Sunnah, Something we have been instructed to keep, To let it grow. It is totally different from make up and beauty products etc. You can only enhance your beauty by make up.

And unlike beards makeup can be put on and taken off at your convenience. Facial hairs are NATURAL, whereas makeup is artificial layers on a face to make it “look” pretty. I know what you are trying to do but Allah created the brain and there is no need for this statement. Make up is permissible and can be done lightly for spouses الحمدالله. It is the fitra of women to wear makeup but t’abattit outside not allowed in our deen. The beard is fard. While our hair may get bit scruffy… the next morning!! Your powder has done a runner and we’re left with we don’t know who? Addition /subtraction of natural growth is never analogous to pasting tons of artificial chemical, synthetic, enzymatic, organic, inorganic compound substances on face.

I have read it like 70 times but it still doesn’t make any sense. There are no brands for beard it’s literally natural? There are oils and creams and stuff that shape it or make it silkier or smoother. Ive seen some of the old imams at the masjid put henna on their beards even. The beard is 100% natural and can be improved, whereas makeup is 100% artificial.
A face with an improved beard is about 75% natural. A face improved with makeup is 25% natural. Those who only talk about vanity and judge looks of others are cynical and obnoxious to live with. What’s this comparison between make-up and beard? The beard grows on men’s face neutrally, men have no control over it. While the make-up is manufactured by companies and used by women to hide their real face. Anyway, nothing logical can be expected from sasti feminists.

Facial hair is something which grows on a man’s skin naturally, not an artificial external concealer applied from outside. What is with the IQ of women comparing a beard with make up? So basically its facial hair vs hair extensions, fake nails, fake lashes, implants, fillers, makeup, Im sure im forgetting something since theres no end to it. The score is 6 to 1 for the women congrats. You guys finally got somethin going for ya in the patriarchy. I tend to forget which brand of beard i use the most. Maybelline i guess, or loreal, faces Canada. You cannot justify the makeup industry run by the west and the commercials due to which billions of women live a false sense of beauty and suffer as a result of it and die with it.

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