Imran Khan Leaked Audio Today Ayla Malik and Bushra

Imran Khan Leaked Audio Today

IK’s alleged damaging audios making rounds look quite suspicious. In 2nd clip, one can quickly notice lots of editing. It is easy to masquerade as some1 & generate voices with AI. Secondly, humans can do it too. Aftab Iqbal’s Khabardar show is a clear example of that. Niazi is known culprit, ask sita white, Reham Khan and Jemima, its natural buddy chill. One who can disown hia own daughter, his personal life am not ok if this and Kali dal episode comes out in public. Audio leaked today is of Imran Khan and there is no doubt about that.

Full Imran Khan Leaked Audio Today Here.

Cheating on your spouse is the biggest social sin in our (western) culture. You get no excuse, no forgiveness, and no sympathy when caught red handed. My sympathies with the wife, whose husband is cheating on her. In our culture cheating, specifically of men, is most easily forgiven sin. Also audio/video leaks in recent past & people getting away made me wonder what exactly institution of marriage means to anyone in this society if anything at all, yet so much obsession with it is ironic that audio leaked today Imran Khan is latest. Imran Khan leaked viral audio with Ayla Malik or Bushra is not a surprise for anyone to be honest. Just wait while video leaked today Muqadas Usman surfaces.

The gymnastics to defend IK reach a new level everyday And the Timing of leaking audios and videos does matter. Which is why people shouldn’t get married and keep a mistress like ex COAS gen Yahya so they can easily cheat around with 500 women. wish army’s media and intelligence wing was as active back then as it it now. How do u know this all is so authentic, pervez rashid’s video was a very bad one but every body ignored it , these fake audio’s have no impact on the people, so plz stop trying so hard and between bo body need your sympathies, its a personal matter. Yeah we still remember Bill clinton scandal. The reaction of society was so strong that party couldn’t handled it, he resigned but we are Muslims so. That is why Ayla Malik Imran Khan audio leaked today is very hot and steamy.

Western culture is strange. Charles having an affair with Camilla is a cheater but Diana is worshipped despite having multiple affairs. How proudly u say “our western” u can change ur dress sense, food like western but western never accept u and they always see u like third world country’s emigrant. This audio is true but came in 2011, iss say ziyada khatranak wo video hai jis ka zikar rehaam khan nay apni book mai kia… uss ko bhi yeh imrandoo fake kehnay waly hain, kion k imran khan nay pehlay he shoor macha dia hai, k uss ki “gandi gandi videos anny wali hain”. In our culture, if the women caught cheating or involved in adultery, you better know what will happen then. Yet, there is one women out there with no shame even she confidently watch porn with her father.

Generating fake audios with the intention to malign someones character & consequently cause harm to ones personal & professional reputation is also a big sin – & a crime in the eyes of the law. So stop supporting all parties including pti, pmln and ppp, they all r in dirty business of politics, and imran khan, shbaz SH, and zardari are so much into ladies. they are all womanizer. You have so many other things to prove that Imran Niazi is a lying fraudster & a hypocrite. Leaking these private conversations is a BIG NO. Home is the most protected space. If “they” have access to IK leaked audio today bedroom, they have access to everybody’s room.This should be frightening.

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