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If you are bored and looking for Pakistani call girl in Islamabad Karachi Lahore or any other part of the country then you will be surprised to learn that despite being a conservatives and Islamic country, behind the scene everything is available.

To see an over privileged Pakistani man spew bile and hatred toward a woman or Pakistani call girl is bad enough, but for a national paper to publish it is so shameful and unacceptable at any podium. Misogyny & racism must be called out. No need to be torn, It’s got nothing to with the royal family of Pakistan. This is just mean hateful racist and sexist. The silence speaks volumes and they’ll be judged by their lack of action. Men who go on to be violent to women must be/are studied (prison/special hospitals). Behaviour must be identified & red-flagged. This should be registered as a risk & as an incitement to others. Any society that isn’t appalled & any MSM outlet that condones this is sick and unimaginable in any sense at any time of the day.

Disgusting and shameful to leak this Imran Khan phone call. Those who record and leak private conversations should be brought to task. With the Pakistani call girl on this one. This is a severe breach of privacy. Bill Clinton, the US president was impeached by the US House of Representatives on December 19, 1998, for “high crimes and misdemeanors”.
He was charged with Perjury, obstruction of justice and abuse of power. Not with you on this one dear as someone who has sexualized politics and made standards like riyaste madina and added Islamic touch to his political game should atleast be held accountable on his own scale.

This is personal and must not be released. However the true face of IK is exposed who gives us Bashans about Madina Kii riasat day and night. Agreed private lives should be kept private of normal citizens like you and me . Khan sb is our ex PM and declared sadiq aur amen plus he brags and accuses his opponents cheats corrupt. I think his private life shouldn’t be private, he’s accountable. True, severe breach of privacy and a dent to PTI’s philosophy of medina ki riyasat. There is nothing personal about a leader especially in so called riyasat e madina. Shahzad is implying that this phone call is genuine without questioning its authenticity. Then, giving this nation a bhashan that whatever i do, people are not happy and keep assuming things. Replace IK with Bilawal and see his tweet.

First you talk about private calls in your podcasts and then you condemn those who leak calls. Hypocrisy or what? Pakistani call girl podcast and YouTube channel is also something very interesting. Another call girl is Muqadas Usman who is in Dubai these days and minting money. Frustrated opponents are stooping to all time low in character & morals. I hope this stops now as Pakistani call girls mobile numbers contacts are online everywhere. And to be crystal clear, this is not private matter, it is a Pakistani call girl scandal, they happen also over the west and it is not illegal to leak this, whoever had access leaked it.

So stop saying that this is not a leak and this is manufactured audio & really amateurish at that. Lady’s voice is dubbed over, different track while IK’s sentences r truncated. So its amazing this has come out now.

Youthias are quick to mock personal lives of politicians in PML-N, PPP, etc & make up stories & use them to creative narratives of immorality

But when their own leader’s audio is leaked the response is
1. It’s a private matter
2. There are more pressing things than this

Anyway, enjoy and have fun.

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