Alex Bhatti Viral Video Khusri Hot Leaked

Alex Bhatti Viral Video Khusri Hot Leaked

Now khusri Alex Bhatti viral video has leaked from tiktok as he was or she was trying to make it just for customer. I am not sure whether to laugh at this or just feel sorry for Alex but the thing is that this is what you must expect when you are going bonkers in search of fame and wealth.

Muqadas Usman ki Baatein Video K Saath

Pakistan ka Khusra No 1 is Mc ny to Alex bhatti ka v record Tor dya. Is guy ko Tonsa Shareef bahjo DG Khan wahan ki achi khatir dari ho gi Bondo ki Buhat shoq hiy na larkiyon ko black mail karnay ka un sy iPhone lainay ka. Tu Tonsay a ja teko 10 iphone 14 don gan. Yes I know it doesn’t make sense but this is what needs to be done with people like Alex and his cohorts who think that they are above the law and they could scam people in the name of entertainment and fun on the social media and other avenues. That is why it is the need of hour that such people are brought to justice and get asked tough questions.

Alex bhatti leaked viral video is very confusing too because you cannot tell if its a boy or girl with Alex. Some people think that its the girl friend and others think that its boyfriend and some say that it might be just another transgender. I also wonder that why does it matter in terms of gender because if Alex is having fun then who are we to criticize. Why can’t we mind our own business and let Alex do whatever he wants to do. He is not a political figure like Imran Khan or a huge celebrity like Muqadas Usman.

Have to say, in Mr Sadiq and Amin’s recent audio leak, Ayla Malik clearly seems to have the upper hand. Highlight is when she tells him, “Tum tau meri aik taekwan do kick ki maar ho.” I think Yasmeen Shah, Ch Shujaat Hussain and Hina Rabbani were unnecessarily brought in. Those releasing should have deleted their names. Yes. Charlies, and Trans is bad too. I felt bad about bringing Kashmala into the Juicy Gossip. I know the Ladies, four of them personally. She too was unnecessarily brought in. Malkani sisters were against and jealous of Kashmala. Now don’t play the aurat card if we get dirty with you. You are asking for it. No in fact khan wants to play like that, Submissive, u know.

Amazing to see people reveal their true face by enjoying such crap. Or you are only interested in men with power playing Game in Thrones? It’s disgusting to see one woman glorify another woman’s scandal. As they say aurat he aurat ki dushman. Case and point. I can really understand your situation. All others like you might have gone thru a tough time listening and controlling your dirty/ wet emotions. I want to ask one thing from so called liberal progressive and champion of civilians supremacy irrespective of audio is real or not is this ethical to record public conversation of 2 individual. Lanat on these liberals who even preach woman rights liberty rights.

This is true reflection of mindset of this so called educated Youthia lot. A “Youthia” friend of mine often tagged me in the last few days that Roosevelt hotel which is a property of Pakistan is going to be sold by the government. Even I think it is to be “ok” if the government want to sell that hotel for Pakistan’s future. I have no issue but as this news is coming from a “Youthia” friend so I still have reservations. Now, this news is also deleted by the propaganda machines and that “Youthia” friend is also absent from the scene. Audios, videos, financial scandals involving big wigs are ready to launch. This is getting really nasty. A fight to finish.

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