Pappu Shah Yasmeen Shah Real Story Leaked Photos

Pappu Shah Yasmeen Shah Real Story Leaked Photos

Who is Pappu Shah Yasmeen Shah and what’s their real story? Ayla Malik leaked audio with Imran Khan has brought Pappu Shah and Yasmeen Shah on the forefront who are politicians from Sindh province of Pakistan. Pappu Shah was minister from Sindh during Musharraf era and Yasmeen Shah his wife was senator.

Yasmeen Shah photo is viral everywhere and so is Pappu Shah from Sindh. Pappu Shah Yasmeen Shah duo has done wonders to cull favors. They are feudal landlords in the interior Sindh and are quite influential in their area. And so is Ayla Malik. So who is Ayla Malik from Kalabagh area of Mianwali and what’s her relationship with Imran Khan? The thing is that these feudal families are linked to each other as they give away and swap their daughters with each other to spread their tentacles everywhere. That is why Ayla Malik married Yar Muhammad Rind of Balochistan who is another feudal and very rich and dangerous man from Balochistan and head of Rind tribe.

With Yasmeen Shah from fishing community movement and Bushra Arain the leader of Lady health workers. Oxford Univ. Press is giving a 25%Discount at KLF. PPP formr PM Raja Pervez Ashraf Hassan Murtaza has formed a 7-member coordination committee headed by Allama Yousuf Awan. Members include Sikandar Shamshir Mirza, Masood Malik, Naseem Sahotra, Yasmeen Farooq, Nadia Shah, Asha Shafi and Basharat Bashi. Our students are awesome! GSU Physics and Astronomy students, including Yasmeen Sherif, Yasmeen Shah, Shanice Mack, Thomas Gregoire, and Antony Lawrence, are attending the 2022 NSBPInc conference in Charlottesville, VA. We can’t wait to hear about their experiences.

Meeting with PTI-Leaders of Sukkur Division Mr Sayed Tahir Hussain Shah and Meer Papu Khan Chachar. Pappu Shah Yasmeen Shah pair has amassed lot of wealth during Musharraf era and they are both heavy drinkers. This is the behind the scenes, Jay Papu Shah propaganda for the gambling sattabaji business he has in his regime for personal atmanirbhar business income of his abroad banks deposit. At Badin in Election Campaign For MNA Haji Rasool Bux Chandio, PS Syed Papu Shah, PS Taj Muhammad Malah. All set to Win on 25th July. Wassan Offered Condolences with PPP Workers, late Papu Shah relatives at Babarlo Khairpur.

How is this any different from what Mooed Pirzada, Imran Riaz khan etc do when they favour Imran khan? The media channels which used to talk on inflation all the time during the time of Imran Khan govt, they do not want to talk about the disaster that has happened in the Pakistan after the imported government came. This shows how a voice of a person can be changed into someone’s else voice by using a software/application. Apparently, Sheikh Rasheed with “Amazing IQ” thought Shahzeb Khanzada is like Sidra Humaid who would “DEFEND” Imran Irrelevant Khan for “Musbat Reporting”, but guess what this is true.



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