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Kacha Badam Girl Name Viral Video Leaked

Imran Khan comes across as a cringe frustrated tharki budha. Ayla Malik is quite funny and not as dumb as I thought she was. Her lambasting other women wasn’t funny at all. THAT was cringe. People’s sexual preferences are their own and they shouldn’t be shamed for it. It’s the hypocrisy of the morality being preached to the country publicly which is problematic. The funny part was not her making fun of others, but the way she talked to IK. But also married people having affairs isn’t kosher. Whether it’s a man or a woman. Absolutely – but that discussion no one’s even willing to have. He’s a man living in riast e madina. And men are not robots so all will be forgiven. Being a “play boy” even at 70 is so cool.

I’m willing to have that discussion. And have always stressed that the reason personal lives of prominent figures are brushed under the rug in Pakistan is to give men a pass and allow this hypocrisy to continue. You come across a lot more frustrated as to why you were not on the call instead and why you aren’t half as funny as Ayla. I think agencies will have every known personality’s bedroom recordings. I don’t think anyone should ideally be discussing these, next audio-video could be their’s. Say women who are on video calls with men half their age all night long. A woman with a something a sense of humor priceless for everything else there is MasterCard. Of course you would know if the audio was concocted or not.

Don’t glorify Ayla. She is same as IK. They both deserve each other. Can someone please share the leak. A lot many of the PTI supporters are claiming it is fake (for Obvious Reasons). How do you know about tharki budhay? Whosoever “designed” the audio is funny actually. Nawaz used to send his official plane to India to pick some lady in his early 90s time in office and even spent a night or two in a rest house in Bahawalpur near RD 50. Having seen the replies to this, the only thing in reflecting to your state of mind! Chaskey, I don’t think he’ll touch you with a barge pole even at this age. How did u deduce that the audio is original without forensics? A “lawyer” believing a cheap quality edited audio is real this app can’t be free.

And this is how “women” make fun of other women on alleged stuff. The same women play aurat card later. You better check with agencies, they must have your audio and video in their inventory as well . Just start thrashing agencies and ur audio / videos will surface. Of course Aunty, but lets not forget Ayla Malik was entertaining a call from a frustrated tharki budha. Meanwhile; the non-cringe, eloquent, in-touch with his feminine side, non-thurki budha that Ayesha thinks very highly off. Hope you at least got an iPhone like Kim Barker was offered! But then, you aren’t Caucasian so I’m sure you probably got offered an oppo. you come off as a wajji hui khuli hui tarsi hui taxi?? doesn’t mean I share my opinions. AUDIO leak aside whether it’s real or fake. The leak should be condemnable and who is doing it is far more worse than the talk in the leaked audio. Madam how u feel if your internet browser history leaked?

Ladies like you go inside gas station to pay only to find a young immigrant student which can spend a night with you. Morality? did he ask the youth to not make girl friends and sit in the masjid and do ibadat ? All of you aunties have been against him from day one. So good for u. Show me one pti supporter who has stopped supporting him after this release from Pakistans inter sex intelligence. You don’t have anything left for tharak. You are just a waste of time for all tharki guys. Guys will need WD40 to open a rusted door. Liberal chicks sari IK ki audio ko repeat per laga kar geeli ho rahi hain.


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