Who is Mirza Bilal Baig Hushand of Reham Khan

Who is Mirza Bilal Baig Hushand of Reham Khan

Here is all the details of Mirza Bilal Baig his family background, his father, his wealth and business and how he met with Reham Khan and how they fell in love with each other and how they managed to keep it all in secret until they announced it.

The wedding photos of Reham Khan with Mirza Bilal Baig are hot and sizzling and very nice. Reham Khan is probably the most beautiful media person of Pakistan and she has still maintained herself like nobody else. She is very graceful and educated and  intelligent. Mirza Bilal Baig is also young and handsome and the couple looks really nice with each other. We really wish them all the best in their future life and I hope that Sahil and other kids of Reham Khan are ok with it. I think this is third marriage of Reham Khan. Her previous marriages didn’t end up quite well especially the one with Imran Niazi, the playboy of Pakistan.

Many congratulations to Mohtarma Reham Khan and Mirza Bilal Baig on their marriage. Great wedding our brother Abdikadir mohamed Sheikh. I am here congratulation to you to your wedding. The first time I talk to my college crush after graduation is to give congratulation on his wedding. Congratulation Reham Khan the best For the new Wedding I hope you are Happy after the New marriage May you live long and happy. Hushand and Reham best.

Dear Reham Khan, congratulation on your wedding with your lovely girl. I just want to say i’m happy if you are happy. although i’m little bit feel hurt but it’s oke, You deserve to be happy. Once again congratulation i’m still loving you and will support you as long as i can. Wedding photos of new marriage of Reham Khan with Mirza Bilal Baig and video are quite striking and full of glamour and decency.

Many Congratulations weather girl! More power to you. Looking forward for another book in few years. Congratulations Madam and Heartfelt Condolences to the groom. Many Congratulations Mam…May Allah showers his endless blessing upon you and your partner. Ameen. Allah Kareem bless you with naik kismet and naseeb. Ameen sum Ameen and what a great today is for us. May Allah bless your new life with comfort and happiness. It’s always good to move on in life and no matters its 2nd 3rd 4th even 5th try to get a suitable match we must not stop I myself getting ready for 2nd We must avoid illegal relation.

Heartiest congratulations mam wishing you a brighter future ahead with lots of love and happiness. Congratulations, may this beautiful knot bring good fortune to both of you. Wishing you joy, love and happiness on your wedding day and as you begin your new life together. May the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years. Congratulations for the new beginning. Wishing you all the best. So who is new dulha of Reham and the groom what does he do?


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