Pervaiz Elahi Aleena Amna Neha Pleasure Time Audio

pervaiz elahi neha aleena amna video

Here is full leaked audio of Pervaiz Elahi Aleena Amna Neha pleasure time audio in Urdu which is sure to shock you. Yes, the rate of Aleena is Rs. 11 lakh (USD 4900) where his second wife will be present in threesome or should we call it foursome. The rate for alone girl is Rs. 5 Lakh (USD 2200).

According to Imran Shafqat, the journalist and host of Tellings on YouTube, this audio is from the time when Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi of PMLQ was in deep trouble due to the no confidence motion and was under lots of stress. So he called his alleged second young wife who then consoled him that she will arrange for her 2 friends Aleena, Neha and Amna who would provide ample satisfaction to Pervaiz Elahi and would provide him best of pleasure time for 11 lakh and Pervaiz would forget all of his woes.

This encrypted whatsapp call was recorded by the agro department allegedly and this would be leaked very soon. Pervaiz Elahi also knows about this leaked call and is willing to dance like a doll to stop it from being leaked. This call is going to rock the boat really hard and will also pave the way for Imran’s leaked videos in pool, with a boy and the threesome one. Imran Khan on Monday assured his Punjab Assembly members that Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi is standing with his party despite the furore over the latter’s recent interview but Imran Niazi doesn’t trust Pervaiz and vice versa and they hate each other.

So who is this Aleena Amna and Neha? They are very famous elite call girls of Lahore and charge very very huge sum of money for one night. They only cater to the elite class as they are young, beautiful, college girls in Lahore. They are smoking hot and can speak English too. Pervaiz Elahi Aleena Amna Neha scandal is about to surface and will eclipse any other leaked video or audio for a long time. PTI and PML(Q) are not agreeing on seat adjustment. PML(Q) is demanding more seats. Shahbaz Gill had run away from hospital when Pervaiz Elahi was sent packing fearing arrest . The moment High Court restored the CM Shahbaz Gill promptly came back to hospital and started sleeping on his bed. Duty doctors were amazed at his speedy recovery that time.

You will be surprised to learn about this new shocking leaked audio of Pervaiz Elahi.

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