Illegal Firearms and Drugs in Pakistan by Afghanis

Illegal Firearms in Pakistan is a big big issue and government is now taking action to control it in a grand way. We shall not let anyone dare pose a threat to our citizens’ lives and property. Police need to execute further search operations against land mafia & illegal firearms in Pakistan today and arrest culprits alongside recovery of heavy firearms cache. Very bad impression of police created by posting pics of accused. Many of them may be innocent but police has taken the law in its hands and shown that lawlessness prevails everywhere. They are also humans and don’t torture in such like way to lay on cool earth. I hope you take action against criminals and land grabbers in all areas under your jurisdiction including Attock and Tehsil Hazro areas too.

Please also include a good, without fear and favor prosecution team so that these culprits spend a decent jail time. Respected police officers. Please also pay heed to drug sellers and users specially in the city areas of Eid ghah ratta, and a lot of big road sides and adjacent localities, and some educational institutions too. Masha Allah this could be replicated in other cities of Punjab. These culprits are really responsible for the high ratio of cases in courts. Appreciated, but I don’t think these guys will be in prison. Because the law/judiciary system supports these guys in terms of bail. Why not arrest the owners of housing societies specially blue world housing society?

Operation against Qabza Mafia is like holy war for Pakistan economic growth. Unfortunately Qabza mafia have deep connections within mainstream political parties and even within institutions. May Allah protect you from evil eyes. I’m really worried about your security. One of my fellow in inland revenue told me that it land is digitized in Pakistan . Pakistan debt will be cleared. Great work, strong cases with evidence against the culprits will be helpful in prosecution. Why changed inspector syed Naseer Ahmed shah. He controlled crime in police station but under politically pressure changed him from here. Who give you permission to humiliates, innocent rather it is proved in court.

Your action speaks louder than words, rarely an officer like you can find in this system. Keep up the good work sir. It’s horrible how many weapons are there, unless institution starts to be institution, person specific tasks won’t be sufficient. Looks like majority of them aren’t able to afford a bread for tonight. How come they can be land mafia? And their handlers the owners of blue world city. Punishment before conviction? Oh, I’m sorry this is Pakistan’s justice system. Keep it up but be aware of these culprits. They must be front men of some influential.

With due respect, This isn’t the way you dealing with them as per law & humanity recognized the principles. Go for those who are the bosses behind every this menace. These all step will increase the rate of bribe by or lower ranks. You can note it and check after 1 week. Please note their names check it. And these weapons being supplied in the kashmir valley with the intention of causing severe damage to the lives of common kashmiri people. Who is behind all these poor people serious question is that let them lay down in front of public then crime should be controlled. I would like to see you please as Overseas Pakistani i have suffered a lot. I need some help against land mafia who has looted my property. And on your order they were handcuffed brought to station to force them on facedown on earth ? Under what Law, rules & regulation they culprit would be forced to lay on Face down ?? Mr. so called police officer you make to reply to answer me this question once you see it.

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