Bajwa Mehwish Hayat Kubra Khan Sajal Video Leaked

Bajwa Mehwish Hayat Kubra Khan Sajal Video Leaked

Bajwa Mehwish Hayat Kubra Khan Sajal Video Leaked on social media by ex military officer Major Adil Raja. Ex-military officer Major Adil Raja started a character assassination campaign against Pakistan’s top actresses and models. The alleged hot video is circulating everywhere. PTI supporters are saying that the man is former army chief general qamar javed bajwa and the actresses are Kubra Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Sajal Ali, and Mahira Khan. Are these videos real? No one knows really.

Nothing can bring our celebrities down and certainly not Mehwish Hayat! You go, girl. The campaign against actresses Sajal Ali and Kabra Khan has been started to cover up the leaked news of Imran Khan with Ramil Ali Shah, because the talk against the most popular actresses of the drama industry overshadows the leaks of Imran and Ramil Ali. He boldly says that yes, I have been a playboy and this playboy has destroyed the lives of so many people and now he is spreading fake Sufism. My question to the nation is that they should impose such a person on this country again. will allow the funeral of the values ​​of our society. For Adil Raja, who came up with filthy, dirty and fake campaign against female celebrities.

Yes you can show your support to these women you are sympathetic with but there is nothing to blame on a military general. PTI can stoop to any low to bring IK the playboy back to the Prime Minister house. Bajwa leaks mahira khan kubra khan, kubra khan and bajwa leaked video, and various other videos are being leaked on Twitter and other social media platforms. Kubra Khan addresses the recent controversy made in a viral video against her and some other contemporary actresses. Asks Adil Raja to provide proves of his allegations. Major Raja Played well he didn’t mention anyone name just mentioned the intials which could be anyone but now they are admiting it by themselves.

I hope Kunra Khan goes to UK and actually file a suit against him. No matter how much I am hating Raja’s comments about this issue, suing him has a bleak chance of succeeding as he was thoughtful enough not to name and condemn in a tweet where others conk out characters. Someone tell her he actually hadn’t named her. KK could be literally anyone. I don’t think they can sue him coz he never called them out directly. The whole nation is with you brave lady. You have all the rights to love your personal life how ever you like it. No one was named in his vlog. There could be dozen of actresses and models with those initials. This is not a new thing. This has been happening since Yahya khan’s tenure. And most of us are well aware of the celeb lifestyle.

Yeah no one is allowed to defame anyone. Although in the past actresses were involved in these circumstances but the question raised should be about the character of people who claim to be Haji and Hafiz. Adil raja didn’t call her out basically. She should sue social media basically. Not supporting the filth being spread on social media. Not worth it, we have more important things to talk about. This is what I expect from not only you but all the actresses who think they may be part of it. Come out clean. I think he didn’t mentioned anyone’s name. Then why she is posting things like that to make it *dal ma kuch kala*. He has not named her and has already apologised for any misunderstanding. “Lucky for you I’m not just from here I am from uk so I’ll come there if I have too! ” depicts judicial system in Pakistan.

I hope this case leads that man to jail for assassinating characters without any proof for no reason, Ameen.

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