23 Lakh on Dulha Haar in Sialkot wedding

A rich business family spent 23 lakh (2.3 million Pakistani rupees) on just a dulha haar in a Sialkot wedding. Yes you heard it right. One wonders from where such huge money comes in a poor country like Pakistan.

This is the new riches of Pakistan . Shopkeepers, business men, Foreign palat mazdoors, etc. Most of them are rarely educated. So when you have unlimited money being illiterate you see such wonders or the 2.3 millions throwing show off like Sialkot wedding. Well if they are happy then nothing is wrong. Better than going to a five star restaurant and spend thousands on just a cup of tea. Unfortunately, Muslims of today are ignorant of the fact that on the day of judgement we would be answerable to Allah (SWT) not only for how we earned our money but also how we spent it. May Allah (SWT) give us the wisdom to distinguish between right and wrong. Aameen.

The money belongs to them why can’t you let them do what they want with their money? And focus on yourself and we all need to. I’m from Sialkot, here people ruin their bank balance just to show off how rich they’re, including my faimly. The thing is that shop keeper earn millions per month and they are not in tax net. and im talking of small shop keepers. This is a huge tax opportunity. It happened in dera ghazi khan where I live. Most of them lives and earns in dubai or Saudia. That’s how they live mam. Udr mazdoori or yhan Pakistan mai shashkay. Don’t worry. When they will be trained in LSE [Lahore/Larkana School of Embezzlement], they will surely start stashing this money in the Western Capitals. Well that money is there , after wedding he will put it back to his account. hanks for this elitist explanation. Interesting how the liberal elites lose their jeo & jeene do mantra when it offends their class sensibilities.

That sounds a bit condescending, targeting working class for showing off when rich have been doing such things far more frequently. What if the groom had worn sherwani worth 2.3 million. Atleast money in this haar can be used again. When the system is weak and doesn’t have the authority to tax such people. Story of every other wedding happening in Gujrat or Mandi Bahauddin. What about elite showing off their money with decor roofs and flwrs imported from Holland. Getting Atif/Rahat groove on their mehndi’s.Arng 10 days events with Sangeet,Qawali ni etc. You won’t see that but mazdoor or foreign palat showing off their hard earned. Has anybody checked income tax return of last 5 years of these all individuals? No body ever filed even! That’s why Nawaz Sharif ruled 3 times and Imran Khan is dagger drawn once again. Bejwa and company are the icon of this society. Please enjoy and continue enjoying.

A wedding in a nealry bankrupt country…and such weddings are taking place in each gali/mohalla of Pakistan. So why should Allah be kind to these so called muslims? But these currency notes will be consumed its not wasted…. but on the other side saloon bill and bridal dress is real show off for high end people. After one splash of water all expensive chemicals on face just drained and dress just hanging in wardrobe. Dulhar haar of such amount is crazy. You are forgetting destination weddings with boarding and lodging for all guests. Weird to say simply and real essence of marriage and happiness has vanished. We must condemn such showoff practices in our society. The gap between the rich & the poor is getting widened day by day. They just reinvigorated a cultural item in a different way. Education and literacy has nothing to do with this act. If they have decorated a car or decor of the hall, then this would have been taken as “wow” thing.

The problem for Pakistan is undocumented economy. Our state is poor not our people. We need harsh decisions for economic reforms and document it. Reeks of hatred towards those who move socially upwards. You like to act generous and discuss problems of the underprivileged from a possition of superiority but if they actually move up the ladder, you become insecure and hate them. Although I don’t endorse any such thing, but at least this paper money could be reused. Not like millions spent on floral decors, singers/performers, designer clothes which won’t last beyond the day, by the so called “literate” class. Ok, so spending millions eating caviar while holidaying in Mykanos and posting on elite pakistani travel groups is so cool and fab, but desi people enjoying in their own way is jahalat?

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