Ayesha Mano Leaked Video Goes Viral

Ayesha Mano Leaked Video Goes Viral

Yet another hot video of Ayesha Mano goes viral on Twitter after it got leaked from the social media. In the video she can be seen dancing and smoking in skimpy clothes whereas people are yearning for more.

In another weird news, an Indian Muslim have staged a fake Nikah with Ayesha Mano on social media. Go figure and I thought that I have seen everything on the social media. I know that this is next level of social media weird stuff which is happening a lot out there these days.

Pakistan’s internet sensation Ayesha Mano, whose dance performance shot her to fame overnight, continues to remain in the spotlight. The viral Dil Yeh Pukary has made its way to the big Boss 16 as the Big Boss contestants spotted performing on the viral sound on this New Year. Ayesha Mano, the girl who became an overnight sensation with her basic dance to the Indian song Mera Dil Ye Pukaray Aaja, is suddenly the star of the Pakistani media. Viral dance girl Ayesha aka Mano in her beautiful recent photoshoot has warmed up the hearts of everyone out there. So much similarities between me and you Ayesha.

A video of Ayesha Mano supposedly smoking went viral this week but netizens are unsure if the girl in the video really is Ayesha Mano because it was not shared by her own official account. As no one has claimed authenticity for the video, fans think it is most likely edited. Pakistani Tiktoker Girl Ayesha Mano Full Dance Video HD was leaked on various platforms but she has failed to impress the people in her rest of the videos. After 7 long months, young teen Dua Zehra is finally going home with her family. Her father Mehdi Ali Kazmi refused to give up on her 🙂 Child marriages are a crime. Anyone who takes part in it, enforces it and enables it, is a criminal. I am glad that Dua Zehra has been reunited with her family and that her parents made efforts to bring her back. However, it is unfortunate that there seemed to be a lack of connection between them. This is a collective problem though. We care for everything except our own family.


1. Stop taking these cases at face value and making a mockery out of other people’s pain.
2. Stop character assassinating.
3. We do not know what she suffered, sensitivity is needed.
4. Child marriage is an egregious problem in our society

Come to dm is trending at 2 am and I am awake after apparently completing my sleep cycle Ayesha Mano hot dance video. Bollywood Psychos were So jealous of Sushant. Watch these idiots deliberately insult Sushant Singh Rajput on Coffee with Karan Show. I can’t stand the “New Bollywood” it is utterly appalling and trash. This is how Newcomers and outsiders are treated in Bollywood. The intention was always there, just fan’s are not ignorant now, that’s fuelling the fire now. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups and that is the universal truth. The days when wearing orange clothes in vulgar songs by choice was not a crime.



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