Fatima Jaffery Viral Video Leaked Husband Age

Pakistani teen girl Fatima Jaffery, a tiktoker is a hot item these days as her viral video leaked on social media. Her husband says that her age is over 20 but some says that Fatima Jaffery is just 18 but mature enough to set the social media on fire.

MbS thinks the new Europe will be the Middle East but we Pakistanis want the old Saudi Arabia in 🇵🇰. Recently, Saudi Arabia changed its marriage laws to allow Cristiano Ronaldo to live and cohabit with his “partner” in the country. Many Pakistanis would consider it “Zina”. West in general has technological excellence which translates into Industrial supermacy. It is not about amending a bunch of laws alone for one off cases. Don’t see any foundational changes happening in any of the states he talks about. Just good feel talk. Fatima Jaffery also agrees with that. Thus we are right and Saudi is wrong. As far as his Middle East Dream is concerned, we will see how many u turns he is going to take. Saddam had same vision but now he is in grave. Will America compromise on democracy for growth? What do you mean by”Pakistanis will consider it zina” ?

Question is why Pakistani always wants to interfere in other’s matter, why Pakistani not solve 1st their own problems. We go their for jobs, for loans on easy terms, for oil and so many others things and still we are questioning them. How many Islamic laws we are following? Chill. Pakistani girl zina with a tiktoker girl like Fatima Jaffery is very weird. Many Pakistanis would consider it zina? It is zina. why is progress and liberation equated with sin, there are many more important avenues of progress and tolerance we need to cover, such as non discrimination, equality, equal opportunity, religious tolerance etc. Also, it’s just discrimination on the basis of privilege, twisting rules for elite is something we are very very familiar with.

Even they will consider it zina, but new Saudi will not impose Islam on others. The laws for Muslims will still be there, and they will be ruled accordingly, but those who don’t testify to be Muslims, won’t be forced to abide by sharia. You are misquoting MBS here, he is talking about the vision of RSA unlike what you have posted. They are changing the laws only for CR7 and his GF. Do you want this system in Pakistan? Would you want your sister to live with a guy without marriage? I know it’s harsh but you are playing with a sensitive matter here. It is Zina without any doubt. They are custodians of the Holy places, not an authority to amend Islam. Amending the law of the land doesn’t make the divine law obsolete. Faith stands higher than everything else, the liberal & conservative schools of thought debates are not.

Consider? IT IS ZINA in Islam, Christianity & Judaism as well. It’s doesn’t take much effort to educate oneself that ruling of Zina can’t be changed because xyz is not comfortable in it! Islam isn’t a tag to wear, it’s a code of life to practice. Thanks and You can’t call an act right bcz saudia is doing it,Zina is strictly prohibited in Islam,People moving from other countries should adopt our laws,like we do when we are there,why our laws are so flexible to be amended? Well, the sheer investment Ronaldo brought to Saudia is more than our reserves so i think this is the least they can do. In Pak, married politicians from across the board, frolic around with married women over audio and video calls. That is also Zina. Yet our arguments are all about their Sadaqat, Amanat, leadership and need of our country. Let’s just criticize everyone but ourselves as always.

Religion is only ONE. Prophethood has ended. Quran and Hadith is very clear for everyone to read and understand. Nothing new can be added in our religious teachings.
Saudia and MBS can do whatever they want. It’s not necessary their actions are according to Quran and Hadith. We sent a messenger to every community, saying, ‘Worship God and shun false gods.’ Among them were some God guided; misguidance took hold of others. So travel through the earth and see what was the fate of those who denied the truth.” (Quran 16:36) We don’t follow Saudi Arabia in our daily lives. We Quran & Sunnah (honestly still trying, may Allah accept our struggles, ameen)
MBS can do whatever he wants in rest of KSA, only Makkah & Madina will remain pure cities before Qiyamah anyways. KSA is in major shift from oil to other focuaed areas like construction, sports, tourism for 2030 a trillion dollar project.

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