Feroz Khan Leaked Numbers Minal Khan Aiman Khan

Feroz Khan Leaked Numbers Minal Khan Aiman Khan

If you are searching for Minal Khan number or Aiman Khan number as Feroz Khan leaked numbers of both girls through social media then the thing is that you are at the right place because I have a surprise for you.

Reading all the comments make me realise that you have an immense popularity. Police arrests guy named Feroz Khan who used to threaten foreign tourists for wearing bikini at Varkala beach. This Pakistani Feroz Khan is double evil than him. I think after defamation notices to celebrities by Feroz Khan no one will ever try to indulge in anyone’s personal matters without having evidences. I am wondering why they are even feeling defamed. They could’ve thought before doing it for others. This is very weird step. Feroz khan posting tariq jamil and new year party on insta at the same time. Feroz Khan is such an idiot, posting address & phone number of celebs in public.

Feroze Khan filed defamation case against costars and ex wife in his recent post showed up paper of defamation case against his fellows and ex wife Syeda Aliza. Muneeb Butt advises feroze khan to change his lawyer as he’s getting YouTube subscribers by using Feroze khan’s legal battle against his ex wife and against other celebrities. Full Support with these Girls! Shame on you Feroz Khan. We all hope to see justice applied in Pakistan. He’s the person who was abused, mutilated, deprived of his children, and deprived of his work. The aggrieved person here is Feroz Khan. “Two days ago, Feroze Khan had one ex-wife and her lawyer now, he will have to face 10 celebrities and their lawyers after him. Good luck!” Gilani wrote.

Bro Farhan Saeed just said ” Don’t Argue With A Jaahil ” and you sent him a legal notice for defamation. So Impressed by your self awareness man. I believe you must first prove that your wife’s accusations against you were unfounded and untrue. People were merely supporting the allegations made by your ex-wife. They didn’t raise any independent accusations. Well, you took the right action at the right time. Respect Brother. More power to you, Kuch to log kahengay logon ka kaam hai kehna. One thing I can assure you of is that “I’ll stand by you no matter what you’re going through.

ou did very well. No one has any right to say anything against you. You exercised your right and raised your voice for your right. No one has the right to defame anyone.This is your personal life and people make someone’s personal problem their problem. It’s better to change your lawyer immediately else you’ll find yourself in more hot water. This is not done abhi 4-5 k naam reh gaye where is iffat , ayesha omar , dania enwer , janice tessa , mehar bano . Abhi pura maja nhi aya . But great step we were waiting for this from day one. I really want to appreciate the patience you got into you. I was and I’ll with you, already knew these were baseless allegations on you.

You took a brave step and I admire you for it! May everything worked in the best possible way for you. I hope those people who pointed fingers at you without any evidence and court decision will have to face legal prosecution. Smear campaign against you have been unprecedented, well done for taking steps to call out the bullies! Please do get legal advice and make a statement re personal info leaks. What an amazing news after a long tiring day at work. People now must think 100 times before defaming someone. It can destroy a innocent person’s life please think 100 times before defaming anyone don’t pass your statements without knowing actual and real truth. Feroz khan literally leaked phone numbers and private info of all his colleagues that called him out for being an abuser? Muneeb Butt slams Feroze Khan in his Instagram stories for leaking private phone numbers of his wife AIMAN KHAN and Sister in law MINAL KHAN.


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