Scarsdale Lahore School Incident Viral Video

These are the scenes of the Scarsdale American International School of Defense Lahore where a female student, along with her sister, tortured a fellow female student for forbidding her intoxication. This is the latest and hottest girls fight video American International School Lahore defense. One wonders what’s going on there because these girls are calling names. Tobah burgers are so dangerous. We need to address female students manners now more than boys. It’s so much heartbreaking how a girl dancing on some random song goes viral in seconds but no one in our country is sharing about this tragic incident. Scarsdale Lahore School Incident Viral Video is a lesson for everyone.

Where we are heading? Manners , civilization , literacy , education , religion. Do not know the reason or cause for this why they are asking for sorry. But this is NOT the way at ALL , Pathetic to see this is happening in the one of the most posh schools of Lahore in Pakistan. Girls fight video Lahore is strange to say the least and quite heart breaking for me. Where is School Administration? How can this be allowed in School premises? Close such expensive schools. I think that only my peer hamdan can solve their issues. This is infuriating, and the way they say tera koi ni. Beta just wait. Very very sad to see. As being parents wat they giving them teaching. School administration is responsible. These are the future leaders of Pakistan. It is sad to see them copying the ways of America’s kids. Scarsdale Lahore School Incident is scary to say the least.

Shame to those parents who have brought up such kind of daughters and to those mother whose daughter offer drugs. Extremely distressing. I feel pity for that poor girl facing all this. These are the worst people , need to be punished very serious. Shame for those(Boys) who are just laughing and making the video. When you feed your kids haram they become haramkhore. With disgusting men in Pakistan, we end up having sickening women too. Insane, where is the staff? Shame on these girls who brutally torturing the girl on the floor. School must take strict measures regarding this incident. This issue should have been serious and taking all these barbaric inhuman evils into jail all along with that begariat boys who were watching this shit without failed to shame.

Is this what parents are paying for? These private schools are house of drugs and the outcome is these ill-mannered students. All the parents should be vigilant about what their kids are up to at schools. What’s this ? Which school? Strict action must be taken but these girls look like spoiled brats of connected families n hence nothing will be done. I m sure they know this. This obviously is a coed school, girls are bragging to show their macho status, so very shameful. I bet they charge an arm and a leg to ‘teach’ these kids the ways of the ‘elite’. You got to be heartless and ruthless to make it to the top and it helps to make an early start. It’s survival of the fittest time for these girls. These are the outcome of parents who bring Haram to homes. I just can’t understand how they thought it was okay. I hope they expel all these girls. The ones kicking as well. I hope their faces go viral and everyone sees them for who they are and what they have done to that poor girl. Scarsdale Lahore School Incident shouldn’t be repeated.

Honestly speaking have no courage to watch the full video. It’s shameful for us as a society this is the lowest possible level. No humanity. Full of brutality and insensitive.Shame on this institution, these girls who were beating the helpless lady and all those who were enjoying. Horrible, all these girls should be punished for this act.The poor girl could have died because of their torture. School management should also be questioned. Really shameful and hurtful to see this. Scarsdale Lahore School Incident is not the first one it seems. Drugs and its consumption has be taken head-on as its no joke, the future of our generations lies on this. It’s a wake up call for every parent and guardian. Absolutely disgusting it’s been a shocking first time video of this nature i watched. The only thing universities teach us are how to take different kinds of drugs and waste our time.


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