Who is Hazim Bangwar and Viral Video

Who is Hazim Bangwar and Viral Video

Here is the biodata, family and full story of Hazim Bangwar who is the coolest assistant commissioner in Karachi. Her portrays the real Pakistan as he tries his best to make his contribution. He is Pride Pakistan.

Hazim Bangwar is originally from Kandhkot, Kashmore district of Sindh. He is a PMS officer, singer and model. He grew up in New York and later moved to London for his degree in Fashion Design & Marketing He qualified the PMS 2018 exams and is currently serving as assistant commissioner in Karachi. Mr. Hazim Bangwar from kandhkot, Kashmore, was raised in America and later moved to England for his education where he achieved his bachelor’s in Fine Arts, Marketing and also L.L.B. with honours in the 1st division. Upon graduating he went on to signing major music deal, and later establishing his own nonprofit organisation to help the needy but music and humanitarian work isn’t his only talent. Known for his intelligence, and work ethics Mr. Hazim Bangwar is a force to be reckoned with. He qualified CSS18 and upon joining the service he was posted in the Agriculture Department, from SO Legal, to attending meetings with WHO as SO Crop to helping the needy and the staff as SO General, his work is never ending but he is know for his complete dedication. Now as he assumed the post of Assistant Commissioner North Nazimabad, Instead of appreciation and support an ignorant section on social media mocked Hazim for gender, manner of speaking and clothes etc. More power to you Hazim Bangwar.

I don’t care how this guy dresses or about anything like that … all I care about is whether he helps the people of Nazimabad or not… we need new blood in our politics and leadership. Is this thing even eligible to become ACReallyBy appointing thingslike hazim AC NazimabadZardari is securing bilawal zardari future. When homosexual Bilawal will bcmPM, half of Pakbureaucracy gonna luk like this. they ‘ll b really helpfull for bilawal regime? Hazim Bangwar is already clarifying things which people are associating with him. It’s painful to see people making fun of Hazim because of his appearance or his personal life, not to forget that he came from abroad to serve his country & for the betterment of Pakistan.

He said, “I’m not a transgender but what you guys are trying to promote “being a woman is bad or being a transgender is bad “ ?”. Truly progressive! Loved the empathy coupled with confidence! Looking forward to hear more! We need more men like him. First women LGBTQ based event, Scrap fest is all set to take place in #Karachi on 4th Feb. Hats off to Hazim for being original and presenting himself as he is! Not fake, no male egoistic attitude with baurocratic air around him and above all, he is an educated unlike his haters. Whatever he is doesn’t matter. He will know in good words when he will do good work for people. We can learn only one thing from which is soft skills but we can’t make him a Hero. LGBTQ would be accepted in this country.

We have one of the coolest AC in Sindh. All the best Hazim Bangwar for this new responsibility and ignore all the hate comments of our sexist people, as they have nothing better to say. Be kind to those who are less privileged but never be afraid of the powerful. Hazim Bangwar is a very competent officer. Don’t put his safety at stake by spreading rumours about his personal choices. There’s no need to throw him under unnecessary limelight. Vultures here are always looking for someone to hunt. Social media can be so toxic but he handled it very well. More power to you Hazim Bangwar – you’re unique, don’t forget that. Keep working for the people and turn a blind eye to the negativity. Live and let live my friends, as simple as that.


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