COMSATS English Exam Brother Sister France Controversy

COMSATS controversy has rocked the country as an English exam listing brother and sister traveling in France made love. English exam in Pakistani university Students given a “Julie and Mark scenario” where both are brother and sister and decide to have sex – and students are asked to answer if what they did was okay or wrong – students were also asked to give “examples from your own knowledge.” Khair ul Bashar visiting lecturer, CUL Islamabad has been fired and black-listed for this exam.

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Julie and Mark traveling in France were staying in hotel alone.  I am surprised as how this passed the review and how come it got printed and was out in the public. CUL girls and boys are very agitated and so is the populace.

As someone who taught similar course I know teachers have an acceptable answer and the grading formula in the back of the mind. Still would like to know the acceptable grade for an “ok” and its grade criteria. As in our society there is only one correct answer to this scenario. The paper setter seems to be a big fan of games. The curious tale of Julie and Mark: Unraveling the moral dumbfounding effect on everyone. Raid and Investigate this professor’s Laptop and internet history. I am sure more filth will be uncovered. This person needs to be declared mentality unfit for society. Considering cousin marriages and r*ps of girls by close relatives, this question is relevant.

From your own knowledge means your views. Not your own experience. Disgusting, Higher Education must take strict action. Unfortunately it is real, Dawn News has reported this. Who is running this university? what else is left to teach? When exam is prepared using “copy paste” from just about any source that looks learned & English. Its obvious that no brain was used in preparing & too many brains traumatized in trying to respond appropriatly with argumentative writing. Its best downplayed by not propagating. This has been lifted from the work of Jonathan Haidt. A case study in how people use rationality to justify what is essentially a visceral reaction (in this case against the idea of incest). While not an attempt to legitimise incest, it is arguably plagiarism.

This is not how you test someone’s language comprehension and comprehension skills. Sickening and fishy.





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