Average Penis Size in Pakistan and Making it Large

Due to the climate, food, and genes, the average penis size in Pakistan is not that big. Its not tiny either but most men in Pakistan have average size of 4 inches fully erected. It can be made bigger by pills but I wouldn’t recommend it as go with the nature is the best course of action.

Remember that penis is not something to be ashamed of or proud of. It’s just another male body organ which plays multiple functions and is an important part of human male body like any other organ. Penis health in Pakistan is often not talked about as this is a taboo topic, but its about time that boys and men should be talking about it and also enjoy the life. Large or big, fat or thin penis doesn’t really make any difference for any pleasure. It’s all in your mind and you need to control that. Keep your mind healthy, active and clean. Don’t fall for the false and fake advertisements about pills and such things.

Mostly men in rural Pakistan have penis issues because they live near fields. One of the major cause is harmful chemicals in pesticides and hygiene products which are sprayed in the fields. Dirty drinking water and pollution are other causes in cities. The chemicals curb and disrupt endocrine and also impacts body constitution that affects our hormones in worst ways. Chemical issues are the biggest threat to penis health and government should ban those chemicals. Not only the penis size but sperm count is the real deal. Those are dropping too due to these chemicals. Its high time to take action about it.

The whole truth about average penis size in Pakistan is here. Guys, unlearn some stuff, your size is okay, don’t go and kill yourself. The 45% of men wanting to increase the size of their dicks are married, dating or cheating with the remaining 15% of women who are not ok with the size of their partners dicks. I suppose its a psychological thing. If a man makes comparisons with his peers and realizes that they are more endowed than him, then there’s always the tendency for him to wish for an increment, so that at least, he’s also at par. What visionary men should be worried about should be the size of their investments, assets and business empires.

Such an unreliable thing to measure since it requires self reporting. Also the demographic of western society has changed dramatically. People from regions like Africa have a larger penis so that could effect the results. If you ain’t got the length and you ain’t got the girth, you go by strokes per minute. Testosterone levels in men falling 50% in the last 50 years—but da schlong growing more than 25% during the same period? I think not, unless it’s trans guys ordering mega schlongs during surgery, pushing up the average length. Or more likely guys are lying about their size. Anyway, don’t worry about it.

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